The first-ever Youtube video uploaded was on 23 April 2005. The 18-second video by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim, “Me at the zoo” has been viewed 226,725,928 times since that day. Youtube is a hub of entertainment, full of useful and informational videos from around the world. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day – these are the top 5 videos on Youtube’s Trending list this week.

3 Myths About YouTube Trending Debunked
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The Trending page on YouTube is the place to look for videos that are popular amongst a large number of viewers. They often feature newly-released content creators’ videos, music videos, breaking news, and sporting and television highlights. What’s on the trending page this week? And why? Here’s a YouTube trend analysis for you…

The Top 3

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1. Manchester City Vs Liverpool |Key Moments| Semi Finales| Emirate FA CUP 2021-22 by The Emirates FA Cup

2. Chelsea Vs Crystal Palace |Key Moments| Semi-Finales| Emirates FA cup 2021-22 by The Emirates FA Cup

3. Golden Buzzer! Loren Allred shines bright with ‘Never Enough’ |Auditions| BGT 2022 by Britain’s Got Talent

What Does This Say About YouTube Users?

The top three trending clips of this week show us that YouTube users are looking for tv sporting and entertainment program highlights. Users clearly use YouTube to watch highlights of sporting games and television shows that they may have missed (or want to rewatch). According to Fortune Lords, m

Down the List

Later in the list, usually comes content from creators who promote a certain way of life through personalised videos to fans of their brand’s message.

Number 4

At number 4 this week is YBS (YoungBloods). This YouTube channel is all about enjoying the ocean and all of nature’s wonders by being selective and sustainable. Brodie Moss and the YBS crew (his friends and family) go on various adventures, promoting the YBS lifestyle. The show is filmed in Exmouth, South Australia. The channel has 3.3 million subscribers, 489.9 million views and includes a collection of three hundred and sixty-two videos.

In their latest trending clip, Moss talks to YBS viewers about a recent camping trip he took after his girlfriend left the country.

YouTube user Eli_dtg comments,

When u find someone that makes u this happy and u feel like nothing is impossible together u gotta go after it… no matter how hard it is because u’ll never find a person like that again ✌🏼 Do it buddy Love ur content 🙏🏻 greetings from Germany 🌍

Number 5

Coming in at number 5 is Dude Perfect’s Ultimate mini-game battle. These guys are most well-known for trick shots, stereotypes, battles, bottle flips, ping pong shots and all around competitive fun.

Dude Perfect creates family-friendly and fun content which appeals to the masses. And competitive-style gaming clips definitely constitute easy-to-watch entertainment.

Why Are These Videos Trending?

It’s hard to say specifically why a video trends on YouTube. It seems to be a mixture of view count, likes to dislikes ratio and amount of comments and subscribers. Sporting events trending is pretty self-explanatory. Trending mainstays also include things like popular commentary channels brand new videos, as well as a few challenge channels. Also popular on the Trending list is gamer content – which usually includes a run-through or game battle or a gamer twitch session.

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They’re highlighting important moments, as well as reporting information that users missed out on first time around. It’s much the same for news-based videos. Secondly, Commentary and challenge channels seem to be still trending as they are standard genres of video content on the platform and what have constant new trends being created within. Thirdly, videos about gaming are very popular as new games are released and twitch streamers start promoting themselves on YouTube.

Last of all, Videos to do with creativity, arts and business make up a miscellaneous genre of its own, which shows sometimes there are flukes on the trending page. Overall, videos that trend on YouTube reflect what’s popular in pop culture, current affairs and events occurring.

Have you watched any of these trending videos?

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