Yoshio Kubo disposes of mainstream fashion this season, replacing complex patterns, fabrics and prints with clean shapes and comfort. Kubo displays one-of-a-kind pieces throughout his RTW Fall 2022 collection, cultivated by high-quality technology.

Credit: WWD

Yoshio Kubo’s Fall collection justifies his notability as a designer with complicated and surprising collections. Amid the seemingly chaotic complexity of his work, Kubo defies present trends and fashion conformity. The transformative materials used in his pieces are draped in a utilitarian manner and are inspired by traditional aspects of Japanese warrior monks and cultural themes.

A Brand New Perspective

The pieces explore the connection between wind and fabric. Materials include lightweight polyester and water-resistant nylon. These elements create spherical inflation that takes the shape of the model as they move. The layered materials offer an innovative perspective on fashion and the pieces acknowledge and pay tribute to Japanese culture and lifestyle.  

Credit: Women’s Wear Daily (WWD)

The composition of digitally produced dimensions and technical fabrics enable endless possibilities.

In an interview with Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo, Kubo comments on the idea of exponential growth in the digital fashion world.

“Every day I think about clothes to be worn digitally, and the more I think about it, the stronger I feel that its possibilities are infinite,” Yoshio Kubo said.

Kubo’s designs include a total of eight pieces. Digital fashion factory ‘X-couture’ produced seven of them. The pieces incorporate NFTs and 3D modelling. The cutting-edge innovation today is the digitisation of fashion. It only seems fitting as we move closer and closer to a digital world.

Yoshio Kubo interview with Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo
Credit: Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

Yoshio’s output of these latest creations offer a unique perspective on the fashion industry. His work proposes attention to detail and imagination. A number of pieces from Kubo’s collection are set for public release in April. For more information, check out the official Yushio Kubo site here.

For a peek at the full collection, check out the FW22 presentation below:

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