Did the Easter Bunny visit you last weekend? Do you feel guilty about it now? Were you counting the amount of chocolate you consumed? Or how many times you went for seconds at the family gathering? The holidays are a time to celebrate – but are we too busy counting calories to appreciate them?

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Is there no allowance for enjoying the moment anymore? When did it become a societal norm to not enjoy what you consume? Why is it that whenever holidays come around, food intake is our number one concern?

It isn’t only about the amount of sugar the kids have during Easter anymore. Now, it is about how to keep yourself looking ‘trim’ while feeling ‘grim’.

It’s been a week since Easter and already the celebs are coming out of their hiding holes, with the best workouts to burn off those pesky calories. Chris Hemsworth, fellow Aussie, is already back into the strict workout he is known for to get those rock hard abs. Greeting his followers after the long weekend holiday with a fresh, fun, outdoor exercise clip is already making us feel bad about our choices. Hemsworth captions his display of healthy habits,

“Earn your Easter eggs this Easter and smash out this superset body weight workout”.

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Not that there seems to be any complaints about watching his short Instagram video for the best tips and tricks. It just seems to be a shame that this is the focus point for society after enjoying some well deserved time off.

Enjoy or Stress?

Likely, most people wouldn’t think twice before taking the second piece of pie during the holidays. The explosion to the taste buds is enough to convince us to grab a second piece.

Why do we suddenly worry about the consequences of those actions?

The saying ‘eyes are too big for the stomach’, suits the scenario. When the holidays come around, no one is critically thinking of how they will feel or look within the next week. At least not every, single second. However, now that the period has passed by, here comes the workout advertising and product placement.

They are sneaky too. Popping up so suddenly you don’t even remember how you got there in the first place. I’m sure you were somewhere familiar before. Possibly an influencer’s page you follow. It continues to snowball from there. That’s how they trap you.

That’s how good looking people like Hemsworth are able to make you feel bad about yourself. He’s one of us, you know. Australian, father, careerman. Just an average joe. Just an exceptionally wealthy and famous one. But somehow we still relate to him as a person. The advertising strategy there is very clever.

Should We Calorie Count?

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Knowing how many calories a chocolate egg or hot cross bun contains is responsible. But does it need to control the way you celebrate the holiday period? What is going to happen if it takes you the following week to finish off all the treats left over? No one can afford to waste their money by throwing it out. Moderation is the key.

Nutritionist Susie Burrell tells readers that once the long weekend has passed, so does the time to enjoy what you eat. As she quotes,

“This Easter, enjoy your favourite treats, but come Monday night, it is time for them to go”.

Burrell is channel 9’s Sunrise nutritionist advisor. But is she advising carefree fun over the holidays, or stressed concentration?

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