Out with the old in with the new, right? Not exactly. You may have noticed your social media is booming with aesthetics and apparel you didn’t think could be revived. Flare jeans, corduroy, oversized blazers. Yes, that’s right, the stuff your mum and dad were wearing in their teenage years. The couture they never thought they’d see again. 

Naomi Campbell Fashion Icon | Credit: Vogue

Well, guess who’s back, back again!

If you get a feeling you’re stepping into a time machine every time you log onto your Instagram feed or Tik Tok FYP, you’re not alone. Fashion has taken a nostalgic turn and we young ones have had a glimpse into the fashion that overwhelmed the 70s, 80s, 90s and Y2K in the space of a couple of years. Lucky us!

And it’s not just the fashion that’s made a stellar comeback. We can’t forget about the iconic curtain bangs from the ’70s. Matilda Djerf, we thank you. Farrah Fawcett, we don’t forget you!

While the skinny jeans are practically dead, the mom jeans, the bootlegs and that oversized skater girl look are far from departing.

Matilda Djerf | Credit: Pinterest
Farrah Fawcett | Credit: Pinterest











So, what initiated the comeback?

Fashion trends start and evolve in six key ways.

  1. The runway
  2. Street style
  3. Celebrities
  4. Fashion influencers/bloggers & the media
  5. Fashion capitals
  6. Human movements

Clothes aren’t exactly made or designed to last forever, but with a little reinvention and mass influence, they might just keep returning. 

Trends in fashion emerge due to changes in political and social moments that are circulating. They reflect culture and values and have the potential to act as an impetus for social change. 

Fashion is a reflection of who we are and what we believe. The feminist movement impacted the way women dressed and changed conventional clothing. The ’60s saw mini skirts transpire. 

In the early 20th century Coco Chanel was at the forefront of radical developments, including a shift in attitudes towards women’s rights and freedoms. The culture of the ’20s saw women reject the notions of stereotypical feminine dress. The code changed and Chanel percolated the gradual acceptance of women and trousers. 

Coco Chanel wears trousers | Credit: Pinterest

It’s no surprise that fashion advocates rights and grants voice. Yet, there is still a long way to go.

A glimpse inside the past

The 60s

The Woman and The Dress that Stopped the Nation

On 1965 Derby Day at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia, English model Jean Shrimpton wore a white minidress. It was the dress that sparked controversy and was later described as a pivotal moment in women’s fashion. 

Jean Shrimpton on Derby Day | Credit: Pinterest

The 70s

What started as Protest Art in the 60s evolved into Pop Fashion in the 70s. Tie-Dye is renewed every decade, but in its prime, it wasn’t just about shirts saturated in coloured patterns. Tie-dye represented the countercultural movement and was a symbol of Protest Art by the Hippies. The movement wasn’t just about individuality and freedom. The 70s was a well-defined era and it was about opposing commercialism and societal norms. These demonstrations advocated for non-violence, peace and love during the Vietnam War. That’s a progressive zeitgeist we won’t cease to remember!

The 80s

Princess Diana’s iconic street style was the ultimate fashion. An era marked by self-expression, rapid change, technological innovation, the explosion of blockbusters and the debut of MTV. It wasn’t just big hair, shoulder pads and funk that shaped the decade. A mix of cultural, political and news events influenced and embraced quirky, electric fashion.

Women of the 80s | Credit: Shutterstock


Kim K & Skims

Seamless silhouettes, slip dresses, ‘Made for Every Body’, its sell-out Skims. 

The rising popularity of ‘basic wear’ really took off when Kim Kardashian launched her American shapewear brand with Jens Grede. The aesthetics have propelled into mainstream style and the hype is unmatched. The first collection sold out in a record few minutes and according to TMZ, Kim pushed a casual $2 million profit. Insane!

Shapewear used to be the kind of thing you hide under your clothes. But Skims is boasting a different approach. And Gen-Z is all caught up in it. Almost, luxury meets basic?

So, is this where underwear turns into high fashion or is it just about the trademark?

Gucci & Adidas FW22 Collab

Avant-garde meets street fusion.

Milan fashion week was treated to a sneak peek of Gucci & Adidas collab and ever since that, people are spiralling into mania. According to Lyst, the term ‘Gucci x Adidas’ grew a mind-blowing 200% since the partnership was unveiled at MFW.

So, what’s the fixation?

Well, it’s heels, sneakers, clothing, bags and accessories, but envisage the luxury of Gucci and the leisure of Adidas. What’s not to love? The question is, what is the affordability like? Gucci or Adidas? Hopefully, the latter, though I don’t think that’s likely.

Keep your eyes peeled and your wallets full cause the collab of a lifetime is confirmed to release in June.

Edgy Euphoria

There’s no better place to end than right here. If you haven’t heard of the hit HBO American TV Drama series, you’ve gotta be living under a rock.

Surely you’ve seen the TikTok trend. You know… when Squidward asks Spongebob, “And why aren’t you in uniform?” Well, if you didn’t, it’s all about how you would dress if you attended Euphoria high. The series navigates love, friendship, sex, identity, a whole lot of drama and of course hyper-glamourised fits!

The personality of each character in Euphoria is perfectly presented in their iconic outfits. Maddy Perez lets us reminisce on the mini skirts, shoulder bags and clueless-style matching sets of the 90s. Sydney Sweeney aka Cassie gives us some very diverse fits. Season 1 sees her dress in cute floral, summer dresses and casual jeans. Season 2 unveils wild Cassie with Frankies sultry pink cut-out bathing suit.

Jules is the layering queen and her personality is expressed immaculately in her choice of clothing. And Rue is very nonchalant, often seen in her Dads oversized hoodie. She dominates the vintage world. So, drama aside, Euphoria really does encapsulate all the fashion we could ask for.

The takeaway, well the fashion industry has been through a whirlwind of moments and undeniably has the capacity to act as an impetus for social and political change. But, I wonder what we can expect next? Are mullets here to stay? Will the trench coat ever go out of fashion? Are new balance shoes actually dad shoes or do they just only look good in the Nordic Region? So many questions!

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