Whether it was Harry Potter, Magic Mike or Miss Congeniality that first got you to fall in love with these actors – nothing can brace you for the chemistry displayed on the big screen in Paramount’s “The Lost City”.

Credit: The Guardian

The Lost City sees an unlikely trio (Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Danielle Radcliff) serve up some hilarious performances. So funny, in fact, that taking two hours of my young life away feels like a fair trade. Several years of pent-up stress left my body throughout this lighthearted movie, and its cheerful energy was the cherry on top.

Cast Wrap Up

The Guardian describes the performances in The Lost City as,

“Tongues are firmly in cheeks in this amiable adventure-comedy which sees game performances and quality cameos deliver the laughs”.

Sandra Bullock plays author Loretta, who feels she is past her prime when it comes to her craft of writing romance novels. Opposing her is hunky Channing Tatum as her male cover model for her books. Finally, we have everyone’s childhood hero Daniel Radcliffe as the treasure obsessed villain to complete this unique cast.

Sandra Bullock in The Lost City | Credit: People

Bullock is the prime example of someone you never get over watching. Watching her is like eating comfort food on the lounge after a long day. However, her presence on the screen may be a comfort to us, her comfort in the wardrobe department is lacking. A reccurring add to the humour is her outrageous disco-ball inspired jumpsuit.

Channing Tatum in in The Lost City | Credit: Spotern

Tatum on the other hand was lucky enough to wear comfort clothes appropriate for the adventures they embarked on. He only needed to strip once. Which I think is a record for him. it isn’t every day we see a character by Tatum chasing after a woman (literally) to prove his worth.

Daniel Rdcliffe in The Lost City | Credit: Screen Rant

Radcliffe is beloved by those who grew up watching “Harry Potter”. Sometimes it can be difficult to see an actor in any other way than from such a previously influential role. Yet, he seems to have done it. The boyish charm – accompanied by a rather mature styled look of facial hair – created a hilarious villain hellbent on discovering something lost however, ended up losing himself in the process.

There is something incredibly captivating about these three esteemed actors working together. There are some actors you just never expect to be seen on the big screen together. But somehow, in this case, it works perfectly.

The Real Message Behind Romance

We all know Tatum has come a long way from his reputation as a stripper a la “Magic Mike”. His role is very relaxed and comedic throughout The Lost City. If you dive deeper, many aspects of his character move beyond the realm of appearances only. Time after time, he is typecast as the ‘buff jock’, or the loveable male bimbo. His cover-guy appearance has often left little room for Tatum to explore a character with more depth… rather than just a guy with a chiselled tan. The few intimate scenes between Bullock and Tatum are underrated by the overall chaos of the comedy. However, those scenes are full of positive messages. One important message is to not judge others based o their appearance.

The movie is about uncovering a lost treasure. However, discovering how to love someone for who they are is the real treasure in this rom-com.

Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie a respectable rating on the Tomatometer of 78% – with an increase of 5% for Audience Score. Peep the trailer below:

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