Once again, we take a closer look at the Top 3 Videos trending on Youtube this week! All we can say is that it’s an eclectic mix, from a video game trailer to an Argentinian rap collaboration, followed by a sports panel breaking down the latest NBA game. Join us as we unpack this week’s Top 3 List.

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The top position on the Youtube trending chart this week goes to the “Saviors Launch Trailer”. It comes to viewers via Apex Legends, an online multiplayer battle royale game. The game features squads of three players using pre-made characters with distinctive abilities, called “Legends.”

Credit: Youtube

The trailer “Apex Legends: Saviors”, is a prelude to the 13th season of the franchise which is set to launch on May 13th. It features a fantastic four-minute animated sequence, which begins with Bangalore brooding over leaving the Apex Legends competitions. When a big sea monster attacks Storm Point, as part of a larger shift that will usher in a variety of map changes, Bangalore leaps into battle with a new support legend named Newcastle.

The developers, Respawn Entertainment and EA, use the trailer to tease the upcoming arrival of a new legend, map changes, and in-game beasts. Such is the popularity of the multiplayer game that it has quickly risen to the number one position in Youtube’s Trending Videos.

Check it out here:


2. PAULO LONDRA || BZRP Music Sessions #23

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Sitting on the Number 2 Trending position for Youtube’s videos today is, a collaboration between Argentinean producer Bizzarap and Argentinean Artist, Paulo Londra. Less then 48 hours after its release, the track’s Youtube video has already garnered over 19 million views.

On Sunday, the Argentinean producer Bizarrap announced the collaboration which fans had been eagerly awaiting. He shared that the latest guest on his popular YouTube “Bzrp Music Sessions” series would be the Argentinean artist Paulo Londra; who recently returned to the music scene after a two-year hiatus.

“23,000,000 comments and it comes out @paulolondra,”

Bizarrap teased his fans on an Instagram post before the track’s release,

“We leave it in your hands.”

The duo achieved this within the first 19 hours of publication. The amount of social media attention the track received is a head-turner. The Youtube video is literally nothing more complex than four minutes of a dreamy-eyed musician rapping gently into his microphone in the recording booth – with a catchy backing rhythm. In Spanish, he expresses his regret over the way the music industry has used him and how he is back.

Credit: Youtube

The collaboration between the two Argentinian musicians has been long anticipated, especially since given Londra had a two-year musical hiatus. Many fans theorised that this “missing” collaboration had to do with Londra’s issues with his former music label and couldn’t be released until his legal battle was over. Fans were literally champing at the bit to reach Bizarrap’s comment goal ASAP. This sent the unlikely Latin music video soaring up the Youtube charts.

Watch the clip here:


3. The Inside Guys Break Down Celtics’ Sweep Over Nets

Credit: Youtube

The third trending position was a complete swing spot. Even during the time I wrote this piece, it shifted from Bailey Sarian’s, “Murder, Mystery & Makeup” video series to The Inside Guy’s latest breakdown of the most recent NBA game. The clip follows the crew from the Inside guy as they share their thoughts. This conversation follows Boston’s shocking First Round sweep over Brooklyn.

Watch the full clip here:

The lineup this week shows us that Youtube is utilised to access a diverse range of content: music, gaming and sports alike.

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