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It seems everyone is watching the same things.

It’s either, re-watching Vampire Diaries, re-watching Friends or Big Bang Theory. But, what about the hidden gems that get left behind to collect dust?

Moving out of your comfort zone might be just the thing you need.

Lets get things kicked off with,

1. The Umbrella Academy

Cast of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ | Credit: Radio Times

A dash of mystery. Global apocalypse. Unnatural pregnancy. Time travel. And untimely death.

Sounds like a wacky combination. However, the series has received a high rating of 83% on the Average Tomatometer with an increase of 4% for Audience Store on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show highlights family dynamic amongst the messy world of superheroes. All characters carry their own unique burdens and abilities. Which cause strong distress and chaotic energy throughout the show.

The show has been streambed by over 45 million viewers since 2019 on Netflix. So why is it not talked about as much as you would think?

Viewers are giving overall top reviews on IMDb.

Currently there are two seasons available to stream on Netflix. The third season becoming available in June 2022. Which is only two months away! Just enough time to get caught up on all the strange action.

Sounding interesting? Do you think it will satisfy those guilty pleasures?

Check out the trailer now!

2. Derry Girls

It’s no secret we have a soft spot for a typical teenage drama.

Strong recognition has been awarded for the chemistry of the cast on screen. The unexpected comedy has won the hearts of many viewers who wouldn’t usually think to watch this particular genre. However, it is advised the show is not for the easily offended.

Cast of ‘Derry Girls’ | Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

Unfortunely, the show didn’t receive the recognition it deserved outside of the UK and Ireland.

According to The Guardian,

“Despite international distribution via Netflix it’s remained criminally under-watched.”

The show seamlessly incorporates wholesome friendships and coming of age concepts with a serious highlight on political issues of the era. The show is set in the 90’s. Giving viewers the opportunity to feel nostalgic while reliving the awkward fashion sense and cultural references.

As well as, a banging 90’s soundtrack to keep everyone loving the throw-backs.

Have a peek at some the reviews on IMDb.

Take a look at the trailer. Can you help give ‘Derry Girls’ the recognition it deserves?

3. Never Have I Ever…

This diverse cast was a breath of fresh air to hit Netflix in 2020.

The comedy show focuses on a teenage Indian-American girl making her way through high school… and praying to all her gods, to get some action.

If you know what I mean.

Cast of ‘Never Have I Ever’ | Credit The Medium

One of the most interesting things is I’ve never watched a show where the main character continues to make such bad decisions, yet I can’t not watch it to see what the outcomes are. That is definitely something that is intriguing about this show. Her continued journey is narrated by former American Tennis Player, John McEnore. Thus, adding to the random, yet funny, situations Devi gets herself into.

IMDb reviews consist of positive comments, focusing on the refreshing aspect of Indian-American culture.

If you are into a light-hearted take on some pretty dark and crazy situations, give this show your attention next!

4. The Good Place

The Cast of ‘The Good Place’ | Credit: IMDb

‘The Good Place’ is a little step outside of the realm of Earth.

For starters, the show stars Kristen Bell.

That’s it. That could be the tag line.

However, the show does have many other good qualities besides, Bell.

The Guardian makes a bold claim stating,

Forking hell! Is The Good Place the ultimate TV show for our times?”

For instance, the show has good humor. The sitcom conveniently always ends up back at square one for the characters. It is also a very clever take on the stereotypical ‘Heaven and Hell’ theme. If you think you have the stomach for some dark humor, look no further.

Above all, no matter what happens in each episode, the overall theme, characters and plot remain unchanged. This makes for an easy watch. Which, isn’t a bad thing if all you are looking for is lighthearted fun.

From seemingly perfect neighbors, to an open-hearted soul mate, Bells character is determined to shed her old life and create a new one in the afterlife, The Good Place.

Rotten Tomatoes has given the show a very generous rating of 97%. So, why isn’t the show talked about more often?

5. Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore & Timothy Olyphant | Credit: IMDb

Unfortunely, this Netflix show was cancelled after only three short seasons.

The chemistry on screen was nothing short of effortless between Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant.

The show centered around a seemingly normal family. A married couple raising their child, while trying to maintain careers.

However, things go south (literally) when Barrymore’s character goes through some unnatural changes. Becoming undead can’t be easy on a family dynamic. In other words, the show highlights the pressure a family can undergo when anything changes from out of the ordinary.

In this case, the out of the ordinary challenge happens to be zombification.

Overall, even though the show only ran for three seasons, the core themes and strengths are worth watching. The perfect one-liners, the unquestionable love and devotion for a partner, and the chemistry is worth every gory moment.

Check out the trailer below and give the three season gem a shot!

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