In a Marvel first, Sony adds a Latino lead to the spider-verse in a brand new upcoming Spiderman movie.

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Sony Pictures has announced its next project. Coming in January 2024, is the next instalment of the spider-verse adjacent movies – Spider Man spinoff “El Muerto”. It is set to star musician Bad Bunny AKA Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio as the title character. This casting makes Ocasio the first-ever Latino actor to be the lead in a live-action Marvel film and marks a major achievement for the global Latin community.

Who is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny (stage name) is a Puerto Rican trap and reggaeton artist and is considered to be the best trap artist of this current generation.

He has also done some acting in a few films such as Bullet Train (2022), Fast and the furious 9 (2021) and the TV Show Narcos: Mexico. He has also composed the soundtrack for the movie My Spy (2020). Bad Bunny is also known to be a huge wrestling fan, made his debut on WWE Royal Rumble (2021) and has socialized with WWE superstars Rhonda Rousy, Goldberg and Ric Flair.

What is “El Muerto'” About?

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El Muerto follows the anti-hero protagonist Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez. He comes from a long line of men who hand down a mantle (mask). This results in the protagonist assuming the identity and superhuman power of El Muerto. Juan-Carlos’ reluctance to take up this responsibility becomes a factor in the death of his father and is essential to his character’s development.

El Muerto only has a handful of comic book appearances that don’t have many major outcomes and He has crossed paths with Spider-Man when he vowed to unmask him. The two eventually left things on good terms after defeating El Muerto’s nemesis, El Dorado.

A Fresh Perspective

Considering the lack of source material, Marvel fans have a lot to say about the upcoming feature. After Sony’s Morbius fail, there is speculation about using a relatively unknown actor on the big screen. However, this choice may result in a new and more current tone. Maybe it can bring a fresh character to the iconic character-dominated Marvel Universe.

Fans are sceptical, however. The comments left under the announcement post on Sony pictures Instagram show the fan’s reactions:

I love the SPUML (Sony Pictures Universe of Money Laundering)! – @aggressivedorking

You have thousands of Spider-Man related characters and you chose the one with only two appearances (from the same story arc) in the whole Marvel Comics history. Nice. – @MCU_101

NO PLEASE – @spiderman.col

Who in the fuckity fuck asked for this movie.- @spideyfan27
Do you think Sony Pictures made the right choice in selecting El Muerto for their next project? Or do you think they should’ve gone with more well-known characters from the marvel universe?
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