Credit: Afterpay

Outside Is A Runway

Street style is highly popular, and Afterpay Fashion Week did not disappoint on day two.

Many people would have been focusing on the runway. However, onlookers were also interested in what was outside the doors.

The runway consisted of softer, neutral and easily wearable pieces. Although, all the buzz was coming from attendees fashion choices.

Credit: Vogue Australia

Even though the weather could have been better, it did not stop the creativity and enthusiasm from outfits.

Usually, we take inspiration from the runway for future outfits, now the surrounding street style has become it’s own unique display of a fashion runway.

Vogue Australia commented on the display on day two,

“Today was an escalation in all senses of the word: needle-thin high heels were aplenty, hemlines were sky high, the saturation was dialled up to the max.”

Sneak Peek At The Main Event

Easy styling, focusing on layering and sharply tailored themes, the colour pallets and style inspo will be making a straight line for our wardrobes quicker than we think.

Elle Australia was able to get a behind the scenes look at a few of the most iconic and unique concepts.

The first is a pop of summer, calling out to all of us in this drab autumn weather. Stalwart Oroton returned for a second year. As well as differing in their style and print choices, the runway was lined with representations of summer. As a result, the runway displayed tree trucks splashed in gold and white. The line of fun stamps and stripped pieces call out to us for a summer get-away!

Credit: Elle Australia

However, “We are Kindred” gave us a Resort ’23 display – a one-eighty in terms of WOW FACTOR!

Credit: Elle Australia

Abandoning the runway altogether, as well as keeping the theme going, the bohemian display caught all our attention.

A beautifully magical display of vignettes through enchanted landscapes continues the outdoorsy summer theme against the drab weather.

Changing Gender-Based Expression In Fashion

Gender fluidity has been rising in popularity. Fashion should always be a safe place for self-expression. As well as, allowing yourself to grow and become who you truly are.

Credit: Afterpay

This year more and more designers are throwing labels out the window, and letting people be free.

The official Afterpay website outlines some of their favourites, and this concept was one of them.

Here are their thoughts on what they believed stole the show,

“Christian Wilkins stole the show in a lace wedding dress at Romance was Born on Monday, while up-and-coming brand Outfaced’s gender-neutral, non-conforming loungewear was a standout in the Next Gen show.”

Moreover, this could be the future of fashion. Designers need to take note as this refreshing view of fashion could take the world by storm.

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