Stella McCartney’s New Luxury Bag: More To It Than Meets The Fungi

Stella McCartney is making history. The eponymous label’s brand new luxury mushroom leather bag has appeared on the hot list since its first appearance at Paris Fashion Week, 2021. Are mushrooms the future of animal alternatives?

Adidas, Stella McCartney Lululemon and Kering to sell mushroom leather by next year
Credit: Bolt Threads via Dezeen.

Stella McCartney is calling all luxury bag lovers, mushroom lovers and vegan leather lovers. The official announcement of the “Frayme Mylo” bag is set to drop by 1st of July 2022. The bag is set to join a collection of Mylo Leather garments.

What’s the Fuss Over Mushroom Leather?

You’re probably wondering – why mushroom leather? With the variety of alternative leathers on the market, why choose Mylo Mushroom? The fabric comes from the company Bolt Threads; which creates leather from the root structure of the mushroom known as the mycelium. This option is vastly more sustainable than other leather alternatives on the market.

Stella McCartney, mushroom leather pants | Credit: Veg News

Materials such as PVC and Bovine Leather are petroleum-based. They have a largely negative impact on fossil fuel supplies. With Mylo Leather, fossil fuels can stay in the ground undisturbed – where they belong. Mylo Leather is a very close replica to animal leather. It gives the same soft and sturdy feel, whilst also being vegan and sustainable.


Mylo is also certified bio-based, it is made from renewable ingredients and the scientists from Bolt Threads have also managed to replicate an environment (for these mushrooms) that is like their natural environment under the forest floor. This means no forest is being dug up or disturbed to make this material. This also allows for the process to take days not years and minimises water usage, as well as not disturbing ecosystems such as the Amazon from deforestation.


In 2020, Stella McCartney’s parent company Kering invested in the Mylo material, as part of the newly established business deal with Bolt Threads, the brands under Kering such as Adidas, Lululemon, Gucci and Stella McCartney each agreed to spend seven figures to help level up the production capabilities of Mylo Material. The goal for them is to create a supply chain of vegan leather and allow it to become manufactured at a commercially viable rate, to rival the other leather alternative materials on the market.

A Shared Commitment

Stella McCartney has also showcased their first Mylo garments, which are currently not for sale and features a bustier top and utilitarian trousers. Stella McCartney has stated,

“These rare, exclusive Mylo™️ pieces embody our shared commitment with Bolt Threads to innovate a kinder fashion industry – one that sees the birth of beautiful, luxurious materials as opposed to the deaths of our fellow creatures and planet.” – Stella McCartney, here.

Stella McCartney to Launch "First Ever" Commercial Luxury Bag Made With Mylo Mushroom Leather - vegconomist - the vegan business magazine
Credit: Stella McCartney

The Frayme Mylo bag is ready for preorder exclusively via the Stella McCartney E-commerce site for $3,538 AUD, (£1,500).

The first collection, included a numbered, 100-bag run. The, the bag officially became part of the Mylo Collection. The bag’s design is based on Stella McCartney’s popular Falabella Bag. However, the Mylo has a sleek black look with a gorgeous gold chunky chain strap. All the while, maintaining its sustainable status for the environment!

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