Do you know what’s trending on Instagram this week? Who is sporting the best and most coveted looks?

Credit: Instagram @dualipa

Dua Lipa and Her Quirky Fits

Starting off strong, Dua Lipa stuns twice in one week with her cutting edge looks. Feeling quirky on the canals is a refreshing sight for locals. According to Vogue, Amsterdam got their own fashion show down the river. As she enjoyed a picturesque scene, she sported rhinestone-studded black pants with a red, yellow and black racer top. To add contrast, an obnoxious purple cardigan was thrown effortlessly around her slender frame.

Her outfit was styled by Lorenzo Posocco.

Credit: Instagram @dualipa

Her second outfit took a different approach when in Milan, for her performance she captures herself in a matching set, which consisted of a mini skirt and bralette style top accentuating her long legs and toned physique. To top off the look, knee-high boots were a statement accessory.

Her outfit is by Versace and Fendi.

Credit: Instagram @ dualipa

TikTok VayKay

Secondly, TikTok star Addison Rae treated fans to a show of skin as she lazily painted her nails on the beach. Her Zebra bikini is not one to miss, paired with some fun chunky jewellery and a distressed denim cap

Credit: Instagram @addisonraee

Megan Three Stallion Dazzles in Glimmer.

Jewellery can make or break any look. Not only did Megan Three Stallion make her look, she tripled it. Showcasing three custom made pieces, she adds glimmer to her on-trend black tank. The custom pieces consist of chunky diamond-covered necklaces and a signature flower ring. Accompanied by airbrushed makeup and cutesy hair, the rapper is grabbing all of our attention.

Credit: Instagram @theestallion

Four Levels of Leg

J. Balvin is not afraid to show some leg in one of his latest style posts.

Credit: Instagram @jbalvin

In each photo, the length of the outfit progressively got shorter. It is like passing the parcel, you lose a layer every round.

Credit: Instagram @jbalvin

This specific post was dedicated to finding out his fans’ opinions.

Credit: Instagram @jbalvin

Which do you like best?

Credit: Instagram @jbalvin

Pink & Punk

Machine Gun Kelly hyped up his upcoming tour by teasing fans with some of his more ‘pointless’ photos from his camera roll.

Credit: Instagram @machinegunkelly

We can’t help but soak up his bright punk rocker fits.

Credit: Instagram @machinegunkelly

Is he starting to border on K-pop at times?

Credit: Instagram @machinegunkelly

Pink definitely seems to be on the rapper’s mind.

Credit: Instagram @machinegunkelly

And as a side note – It looks like mid 00’s styling is firmly back in.

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