Zimmermann’s Resort Collection 2023 was visual eye candy as their models sashayed down a runwalk edged with silk sails catching the wind. The sails were indicative of what was to come as they took nautical inspiration for the “High Tide”. Once again Zimmermann has not fallen prey to the pandemic doldrums and kept their designs consistent with pre-pandemic ones. Although the fashion mood may be generally duller and covered, Zimmermann was fun and fresh with honest beauty.

Credit: Youtube

The knits were cream and ….well…. stretchy, with navy accents, or black lacing on a knit dress reminiscent of pirate wear. The signature florals were bright, fresh and sheer. There was lots of white lace and beachy-looking minis but the standout lace must be the intricate world map on the Victorian inspired midriff top.

The crossed halter necklines were another feature of the collection emphasising a retro silhouette not featured on haute couture runways which had a more androgynous look.

Credit: Zimmermann Resort ‘High Tide’ 2023

The midriff top was prevalent throughout this ready-to-wear collection, a slightly dated look, although a change in cutout placement has replaced more barely-there looks of previous collections.

Credit: Zimmermann Resort ‘High Tide’ 2023

We have to ask Zimmermann when she will take her design cues from haute couture? Perhaps Australia really is an island, even in fashion, and their beachy casualness is it’s own aesthetic.

Credit: Zimmermann Resort ‘High Tide’ 2023

Zimmermann themselves describe the collection as “fun, feminine and beautiful”. For now though, it’s time for a holiday with “High Tide”.

Check out the full presentation below:

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