Milan Design Week – the world’s biggest design festival is back this year. From June 6 to 12, 2022, the Italian city becomes the mecca for creative innovation and collaboration in architecture, art and fashion. Whilst there are a plethora of must-see events, ISSEY MIYAKE’s ‘THINKING DESIGN, MAKING DESIGN’ is one not to miss.

Credit: Champ Magazine

From June 7 to June 21, 2022, Issey Miyake/Milan hosts “THINKING DESIGN, MAKING DESIGN: work by A-POC Able ISSEY MIYAKE” and Tatsuo Miyajima. The collaborative exhibition brings to the forefront the thinking and making behind the brand’s design. Throughout, it explores refreshing and innovative new capabilities in clothing and textile development.

Contemporary artist Tatsuo Miyajima’s art includes several-segments of digital numbers, wrapped in special textile. It is on display alongside the showcase of two pre-existing fashion designs/projects: TYPE-11-001 and TYPE-11-002.

Marrying Fashion and Art through Numbers

Credit: Designboom

The notions that inform Miyajima’s work are those encapsulating time: it is everchanging, intertwined with everything, and it is timeless.

The project by A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE proposes an experience of wearing art in daily life. The result, is the creation of clothing that uses Miyajima’s numbers as a motif.

TYPE-11-011 resembles a black jacket constructed from the “Steam Stretch” technique developed in 2012. Combinations of a pleated garment with Miyajima’s expression and emphasis on counter-style digits create a hypnotic 3D effect.

TYPE-11-002 – in its textile form is a unisex jacket made with Triporous™ carbon. This sustainable material begins as a by-product of rice husks. Miyajima’s digital numbers are yet again interwoven in a randomised arrangement.  Issey Miyake inc. says,

A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE’s application of the Sony Group’s work with Triporous was announced earlier as a project called TYPE-I. Through the TYPE-I project, the look of the brand’s “black” was expanded and a jacket with prominent digital numbers was realized.

Additionally, the special exhibition presents the participatory artwork alongside a video interview with Miyajima. Thus, revealing the thought and production process. This fuels the collaboration, which tempts us to explore new realms of fashion design.

Originality at the forefront

Credit: Champ Magazine

Issey Miyake is a quintessential pioneer for ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. It dedicates itself to the promotion of an authentic design and making practice. With the company’s aim to “revolutionise the process of clothes-making”, their design work and inherent innovative spirit pushes the boundaries of form-making. The designer, Issey Miyake telling the New Yorker in 1983 that he aspired “to forge ahead, to break the mould”

Engaged with creating garments reflective of those who wear them, advanced development of original textiles with contemporary society in mind makes it all possible. Issey Miyakes’ interrogation of clothing production from its conception to its genesis manifests the company’s preoccupation with approaching clothing design as product design. 

Inspired and drawing from this notion, research project A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE thus, looks toward the future. The collaboration profits the experimental innovation of wearable art via an exploration of fusing art and clothing design. Thus, inspiring new expressions in clothing and textile development speaking directly to the company’s core.

“The brand collaborates with the artist to create clothes inspired by Miyajima’s work, promoting the experience of wearing art in everyday life.” Reports Fuorisalone IT.

As it seems, the Issey Miyake X Tatsuo Miyajima exhibition: ‘THINKING DESIGN, MAKING DESIGN’ is an exemplar and unique amalgamation in the domain of art and fashion design. The new series has proven to push the boundaries of originality, and is ready to view in Milano, Via Bagutta 12.

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