After winning his defamation trial against Ex-Wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s career is finally seeing a revival.

Johnny Depp embodies Sauvage, the new men's fragrance from Dior - LVMH
Credit: Dior

Last Wednesday, Dior aired the old Sauvage ad – of which Johnny Depp is the face. It hit the screens during prime-time viewing on a break from Master Chef on Fox. The reason behind this decision hasn’t been explicitly stated by the brand.

After winning his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, it is said the brand is reairing this commercial to signal that Johnny Depp’s career is set to see a revival. Unlike Warner Brothers, Dior wasn’t as quick to demote Johnny Depp as the face of Dior when the allegations first broke. Is this really a signal that his career is going back to normal when they never demoted him in the first place? Or is Dior trying to increase product sales whilst the buzz around the Depp-Heard trial is still present?

Increased Demand

Credit: Dazed

During the Depp-Heard trial as it was a high-profile case, there seemed to be an increased demand for the Sauvage Frangrance. A variety of sources cite that Google Searches for the product are up by 48%, from 823,000 searches in March to 1.2 Million searches in April 2022. This research also shows that Tiktok views for Sauvage are up by 63%, as timelines have been flooded with Depp-Heard trial content. Recently, Sauvage was named the second most popular fragrance in the world, placing behind Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540.

Fans of Johnny Depp show their gratitude towards the brand in the comments of the Sauvage ad on YouTube,

Dior was one of the extremely few companies to not drop Depp despite everything. Just for that I’ll straight up buy this product

-Angelo Dela Cruzz via Youtube.

To assume that Dior is trying to further capitalise on Johnny Depp’s win and the ongoing buzz is not a far-off assumption. For example, take into consideration the statistics supporting an increased interest in the fragrance. This kind of increase in interest and sales for an older product doesn’t come around every day for brands. So it makes sense that they are jumping on this phenomenon, milking it for all it’s worth before the hype dies down. Perhaps this interest can also lead to Johnny Depp becoming the face of more products. Hopefully, this significantly impacts the revival of his career.

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