Harry Styles has Designed a New Collection for Gucci. Is there anything that this man can’t do?Harry Styles and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele collaborate on a “private and very cozy” dream closet.

Credit: GQ

Harry Styles has been in collaboration with Gucci in the past however, this is his biggest achievement thus far with the brand.

The collaboration stems from Styles long term friendship with Gucci Creative Director, Alessandra Michele. Michele has been working for the fashion house since 2002. It is said, the new collaboration will be his next big step as Creative Director. The young artist is a avid wearer of the brand by his own choice. As well as his deep friendship with Michele, the collaboration comes from a place of love for the brand.


Styles and Michele have created a 25-piece collection, that will hit the public in October. The collaboration was revealed at Milan Fashion Week, Men’s wear edition at a special event.

Credit: Gucci Instagram

Calling the collection “HA HA HA” once again comes from the pairs easy-going friendship. It became a reoccurring trend for their text messages to end with the laughing phrase. The vision for the collaboration is inspired by the laughing-crying face emoji. Which is highlighted through the fun personality of patterns chosen for the pieces.

Credit: Gucci Instagram

The pair decided to create an array of adventurous items for Men’s fashion. Following Styles’ effortless looks electric prints come to life through jackets, coats, pants, shirts and accessories. In addition, mis-matched blazers and dress pants are a true reflection of the singers adventurous taste in fashion.

Credit: Gucci Instagram

The aim of the collection is to bring a fresh revival to traditional English tailoring, creating a new spin on male elegance. Inspiration also comes from Styles’ love for the 60’s and 70’s male fashion. Including influence from Pop and Bohemian styles.  Furthermore, hats and pyjamas were also brought to the creative table, and was accepted into the collab.

Another quirky additive to the collection is a signature ‘Grumpy Bear’ motif reoccurring print.

Michele comments on the vintage aspect of the collaboration to GQ,

“I love vintage shopping. I think that is really my place. Harry loves vintage too. We are crazy for vintage, both of us.”


Credit: Harry Styles Instagram

Styles has grown into a unique fashion icon since his One Direction days. The artist is not afraid to push the boundaries with his taste in fashion. And his fans love him for that!

His ability to pair items more on the random side and create something extraordinary is what has been emphasised within the collaboration.

Styles also has a very large social media following as well as devoted fans. With over 45 million Instagram followers, the artist has many young minds to encourage to be yourself and express yourself how you want to.

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