Fashion Industry Broadcast has released over 20 award-winning features and more than 400 short films in the past four years since we were founded.

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As of June 2022, our films have been shown and have won prizes including ‘BEST FILM’ at no less than 33 prestigious international film festivals. With no less than 7 International BEST PICTURE wins. As of today, we count:

In Numbers

34 Film Festival selections from the world’s most prestigious shows.
2022 results alone. So far.
19 Selections are still in the race for Gold.
7 Best pictures
2 Quarter finalists
4 Semi finalists
1 Nominee
1 Special Award of Merit

A List of Some of Our Award-winning Films:

“Marcus Schenkenberg”

Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast

Semi-finalist at the Stockholm Film Festival.


Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast

Winner best documentary at the Paris Play Film Festival 2022 and was also a grand-finalist at the New York International Film Awards 2022.

“Tyson Beckford”

Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast

Jamaican-American Supermodel Tyson Beckford is the subject of the film; a semi-finalist for best feature documentary at the Washington Film Festival 2022.


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Winner of Best Documentary Short at Cannes in 2022, also Won at the Boston film festival in 2022, Best Short Documentary at the London Movie Awards 2022, Finalist Tokyo Shorts 2022, Semi-Finalist at the Washington Film Festival 2022, Nominated at the Vegas Shorts 2022, International Manhattan Festival 2022, Paris Art & Movie Awards 2022, Chicago Indie Film Awards 2022, Miami Indie Film Awards 2022.

“Rise of the Male Supermodel”

Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast

Best picture winner at the LA Independent Film Festival in 2022.


Film festival nominations & Awards in 2021, including Award Of Excellence Documentary Feature Impact Docs Awards 2021, Official Selection Paris Film Festival 2021, Official Selection New York Independent Cinema Awards 2021, Official Selection New York Lift-Off Film Festival 2021, Official Selection Lift-Off Global Network New York 2021

“After the Lockouts – Gladys’ War On Music”

Winner Several Awards, 2019

Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast


REI KAWAKUBO Best Short Documentary PARIS Fim Awards 2022, Silver Award Short Documentary HOLLYWOOD Gold Awards 2022

Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast

“The Diversity Imperative”

Best Feature Documentary PARIS Film Awards 2022, Winner Miami Independent Film Festival 2022, SilverAward Best Feature Documentary HOLLYWOOD Gold Awards 2022

Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast

We hope you’ll enjoy watching these films as much as we do.

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