Stella McCartney reintroduces her “Rock Style” inspired ’99 Met Gala look in her Spring/Summer 2022 Collection, providing wardrobe staples that the queer community can essentially ‘rock’.

Credit: The Last Fashion Bible

Liv Tyler and Stella McCartney changed the face of fashion in 1999 when they attended the Met Gala in a look they had assembled a mere 24 hours before American Fashion’s most defining event.

In accordance to the Gala’s theme ‘Rock Style’, Tyler and McCartney emerged onto the red carpet wearing slashed Hanes tanks that they had customised with ribbon, studs and most iconically, the diamante lettering of the words ‘Rock Royalty’.

Even more iconic, who better to attend the event together, in matching looks? “Rock Royalty” by way of the daughters of the world’s most famous rock-stars: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and The Beatles’ Paul McCartney.

Tyler and McCartney’s now-iconic look set the path towards a new era in fashion. Introducing the maximalist style of the ‘00’s known as Y2K. Per Dazed Digital,

“Y2K fashion is about wearing whatever you want, no matter how tacky it comes across, and I love it,” says new face of Stella McCartney Pride Collection, Mikey Mendoza.

The Y2K Stay

The growth and openness of the queer community over the past two decades is allowing for Y2K fashion to remain in trend. It is only appropriate that Stella McCartney takes credit for the style that she made popular in 1999. And how better to do it than through her 2022 Pride Campaign?


McCartney distinguishes herself from the myriad of Pride projects throughout fashion, film, and art. McCartney’s Pride contribution results in something with heart. Something that, in all senses, remains tasteful. McCartney accomplishes this by creating a campaign for the LGBTQIA+ community – by the LGBTQIA+ community.

An article in Stella’s World, “The Faces of Pride 2022”, is accessable via the Stella McCartney website. It provides an insight into the campaign, showing how it is created for the LGBTQIA+ community, by individuals who identify as a part of it.

“Every person involved in our Pride 2022 shoot identifies as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. It was shot by photographer Jacqueline Landvik and features Mina Galán, Coumba Samba and Mikey Mendoza.”

McCartney incorporates LGBTQIA+ individuals in the fashioning of her Pride Campaign. This ensures that the campaign reflects common sentiments present within the queer community. “Fashion has always helped me to express who I am, it’s the language I use to communicate who I am,” stylist for the label, Mina Galán says, “I look up to anyone that lives and loves themselves”.

Embracing Diversity

Stella McCartney is recognisable amongst the queer community as embracing diversity. Also, for giving queer individuals a platform to express themselves. Mccartney transforms her ‘Rock Royalty’ trademark into a way to advocate for Pride. In doing so, she is once again, introducing a new era of fashion. The LGBTQIA+ community is given a place to express themselves where they feel comfortable.


When asked what Stella McCartney is, the models for the campaign replied, “Rock Royalty”, “Slay”, and “A step in the right direction.”

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