Last year, Burberry partnered with Mythical Games’ Blankos Block Party to bring characters and accessories to the NFT-based game. It was a sell-out launch. This year, they are doing it again.

Credit: wwd.com

This year, Burberry is going further in this partnership by adding more characters and accessories and building a branded virtual world. Starting on June 22, Burberry will be releasing a unicorn character named Minny B. It follows last year’s Sharky B as they are both designed with an interpretation of the British brand signature (orange check and monogram). Some of the new accessories include a “shellphone,” a gold horseshoe chain, and a boom box.

Why Would They Do it Again?

Well, the first time was a huge success. 750 Sharky B characters were available on the game, priced at $299.99, and they sold out in less than 30 seconds. They were later resold for a higher rate.

Credit: Hypebeast

There was also an unlimited number of accessories starting at $24.99. It represented a total value of $375,000 (2,250 NFTs) that were sold out in two minutes, according to Vogue. The players can price and sell their purchases on the secondary market, and Burberry gets a percentage of both primary and secondary sales.
The success was not only monetary but also on the marketing side as Sharky B created many online chats, reposts, shares, and likes.

Burberry’s partnership with Mythical Games isn’t an isolated case. Gucci was also early in the NFT game place and has now extended their partnership with Roblox. Back in 2019, Louis Vuitton partnered with League of Legends and has since created its own game.

A Growing Ecosystem

Similarly, as last year, Minny B the unicorn is the most exclusive item. It is also the most expensive. It is inspired by Thomas Burberry’s family archival cutlery. Mythical says that they are developing more games and that someone that might have bought a Burberry character in one of the games could see it appear in another to show off. It’s all about showing off these rare digital creations.

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