Brothers Dean and Dan Caten | Credit: Simone Olivero

Dsquared2 first launched in 1995 by twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten. Today Dsquared2 is known as one of the most luxurious brands around the world.. And their most recent launch is nothing but cutting edge.

The Idea Behind The Collection


The upcoming collection showcases layered pieces for men and women. It seems the designers took inspiration from the stereotypical “bad boy” trend and transformed it into something unique.

VMan.com quotes,

“A mash-up of subcultures takes us on a dark trip to the beach.”

The new line up features the name “Dark Goth Surfers”. If that’s not enough to get the heads turning of consumers, what is?

The name alone sparks interest. As well as the theme behind the line. They designed this line specifically to give consumers plenty of options for throughout the day. Creating the ease of crossover outfits from day to night.

Want to hit the town at night? But be just as keen for an early morning ride on the waves? Look no further as this was the key theme behind this new line.

Diverse Looks

The new line showcases a variety of pieces that can be used and swapped for men and women. Consisting of mainly oversized and layered items. However, there can be a few items found that are tailored more towards a feminine or masculine display. Although, the designers were quick to highlight that all pieces are unisex.

Credit: Vogue Runway

To break up the more gothic theme, there are splashes of pastel. With the contrast of obnoxious prints and tie-die, along with the grunge baggy effect of black and long layers, the collection makes for an outspoken unique display.

The Caten brothers offered a masterclass where they highlighted how diverse the items could be. Contrasting of designs and styles seems to be all the rage for the brothers.

One outfit created showcased a black zippered bathing suit, teamed with a masculism trench coat. While rainbow inspired sweaters were paired with retro smoking suits.

Credit: Vogue Runway

It is safe to say there seem to be no boundaries here. Vogue Runway has a full portfolio on some of the looks created at the masterclass. Go here to check them out.

Mix and Match

A youthful vibe runs through the collection as it highlights an ‘Unfussed’ wardrobe aesthetic. There also seems to be a hint of fashion culture from each time period, as dresses, hoodies and cargo pants are all styled together throughout the line. Also, playful contrasts of fabrics and textures add a childlike free vibe to the styled pieces.

Credit: VMan

VMan has a collection of photos featuring the ‘male’ aspects of the collection. Click here to see more!

Credit: VMan

Simple But Elegant

However, there is a small section of the collection which displays more traditional dress. On the more feminine side, the Caten’s delivered some minidresses.

Credit: WWD

Their ruched and sequined design created a refreshing air of elegance to the collection. As well as, laced frocks to be worn effortlessly over swimsuits. Finally, some extra fun thrown into the items as they brothers designed a boucle miniskirt and cropped jacket.

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