The Australian Fashion Council has been awarded a federal grant to launch an Australian Trademark creating a unique identity for Australian fashion. In her letter of 28 April, 2022, Leila Naja Hibri, CEO of the Australian Fashion Council stated: “This is our moment. Let us unite, reignite and transform our industry together”.

CEO of the Australian Fashion Council Leila Naja Hibri speaking at the Australian Fashion Trademark Launch at Australian Fashion Week 2022 in Sydney, Monday, May 9, 2022 | Credit: AAP Image/James Gourley

The campaign for Australian Fashion™ has as its marketing slogan Effortless Style, Raw Nature, Boundless Optimism, and Fearless Innovation. The Australian Fashion Council members believe these are the qualities that single out Australian fashion from other nations. When a product is certified as Australian Fashion™ it will reach new customers. It will also create trust and brand recognition and attach producers to a community of like-minded organisations.

The Compliance Test

A ‘brand must produce clothing, accessories and/or footwear, physical or digital’ to pass the Compliance Test. It must also satisfy at least two of the following criteria:

  • Prove at least 50% of goods are made in Australia
  • Prove at least 70% Australian ownership
  • Prove at least 75% of employees are based in Australia
  • Prove tax is primarily paid in Australia.

The certification criteria are:

  • authentic Australian design
  • Australian Fashion™ brand alignment
  • environmental commitment
  • social impact commitment.

Anyone wishing to apply should visit the Australian fashion website here.

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