It’s one thing to sing about a brand – it’s another to do whilst dressed in the brand and in-store. Lil Uzi Vert goes above and beyond in his latest teaser. The rapper is a long-time fan of Balenciaga however, as showcased on Instagram he expresses just how close he is with the brand.

Credit: Youtube

Over the past few weeks, Lil Uzi Vert has taken it upon himself to advertise for the brand. Taking to Instagram, he shared multiple outfits. Comprised by Creative Director Demna Gvasalia as well as, spending suspicious amounts of time in an undisclosed flagship store.


The Rapper takes inspiration to a whole new level as he records lyrics about Balenciaga, from Balenciaga.

It is currently unclear as to whether there is more to the relationship between the Rapper and the brand at the moment. However, it wouldn’t be unexpected is a collaboration was in the near future.

Quoted by GQ, the Rapper expresses his love for fashion,

“Honestly, in my heart, I think I do this better than music.”

What are your thoughts? If he is in Balenciaga, I don’t think we can disagree.

The Rapper has been teasing his most recent upcoming project tilted, ‘The Pink Tape’. He has yet to confirm when details of the project will come to the forefront.


The project hasn’t even hit the public yet and already fans have mixed feeling on his newest music.

Lil Uzi Vert announced that this time around he was “Going back to classic mode” for ‘The Pink Tape’.

Per Uzi himself on Instagram,

“This time less talkin’ more working. Going back in classic mode. I been [through] 2 much this time around. Nothin’ can break me.”

However, not all his fans were approving. This also isn’t the first time Uzi has been criticised.

This round was filled with disapproving comments bashing the choice of teaser snippets the Rapper has chosen to share online. Claiming his music in the past was better, a fan was disheartened that Uzi’s mainstream fans would never know the level of talent he carries. Furthermore, the fan believed the Rapper could have done so much better.

However, Uzi didn’t let this get him down. Clapping back with his own comment,

I wouldn’t play the real songs because people say they wanna hear snippets. Trolling them. Bitch.”

Let’s hope for his sake the trolling is worth it. Check out the clip below:

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