Miles Teller becomes the internet’s latest hottie – alongside Tom Cruise.

In the last few years, the variety of movies to see has been slim-picking. However, nothing should stand in the way of checking out this sequel!

Rotten Tomatoes has a strong rating review of the movie. Now we know why. With a healthy score of 97% on the Tomatometer and an even stronger rating of 99% from the Audience review.

Almost 30 years since the first Top Gun was on the big screens, Tom Cruise makes a daring comeback. Continuing to suffer the loss of his wingman Goose’s death, Cruise’s character ‘Maverick’ now has to face his ghost. His son.

It is cut and dry for ‘Maverick’ in this sequel, as his future is laid before him. Teach or retire.

Welcome back to the world of adventure and fast-paced action.


There are many great things to come from the latest Top Gun offering. The most famous attribute online seems to be how smokin’ Miles Teller has become.

He has become an internet sensation – TikTok predominantly – Teller is the latest movie hottie. A very large contribution to his sudden stud-muffin status is a credit to his wife. She is continuously updating fans online with quirky videos of the actor. She is even kind enough to repeatedly showcase his shirtless Top Gun physique.

One of her captions on TikTok read,

“We’re all team Rooster here, thirst on…”

In addition to his wife’s kindness, women everywhere are either dragging their husbands along or girlfriends to enjoy the film.

I guess the Top Gun franchise has a new fanbase?

In all honesty, Miles took on his role with ease and fit right into the Top Gun environment.


Tom Cruise as ‘Maverick’ | Credit: GST

Tom Cruise reprises his iconic role as ‘Maverick’ in the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick.

The film has already earned more than $800 million at the global box office. As a result, the film is Cruise’s highest-grossing movie of all time. What a comeback!

According to Variety, the film is now ranked top on Cruises resume. Well surpassing ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ which was his number 1. The film is about to enter its fourth week in cinemas and is rumoured to hit the $1 billion global box office milestone.

As for Cruise himself, well he looks to be in perfect health… and shape. The actor doesn’t seem to have aged in the last 30 years. Lucky for him.

His daredevil character gets a final chance to show what he is really made of. Inspiring the current best-of-the-best pilots how the best actually do it.

Cruise is known to be a strong participant in his own stunts, this film was no exception. And he brought the rest of the cast along with him! Cruise personally designed an intense month-long program that allowed it co-stars to learn the ins and outs of different jets.

This prepared the cast for delivering their lines from an actual cockpit. The cast commented on the vigorous program, expressing how a team suffers together. Furthermore, this experience allowed the cast to one day be able to get their pilots licences and join Cruise on his journey in the skies.


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