Newest Collaboration Between Ukraininan Artist Floweirdy and Sleeper puts up a dreamy debut campaign.

Credit: Hypebae

Through a time of harsh destruction, Ukraine artist Floweirdy creates something beautiful. Luxury brand Sleeper collaborates with Floweirdy for a line of fresh and effortless sleepwear range. The ad campaign highlights the beauty of a spring/summer evening as is avaikable now.


Credit: Hypebae

Set amongst the great outdoors, the campaign is fresh and inspiring. It allows viewers to open their minds to beautiful new beginnings and create happiness at the worst of times. The Ukraine artist’s name is Litovka; and her skillset sees the transformation fashion into unique art.

Litovka’s inspiration comes from personal experience. Suffering through the current conditions of Ukraine, the artist was uprooted from her life. Now, she is taking this opportunity to create hope once again.

The artist did not readily accept the offer from Sleeper. Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, her passion was starting to subside. However, the company perserverd, as they feel her work evokes a positive and poetic response. With some convincing by a close friend, Litovka has come around to the idea.

In regards to the campaign, her vision is truly evident in the design.

Litovka speaks of her ideas,

“Let it be a strange other better world, as the Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu said, where you are a carefree, wonderful butterfly, who dreams of being you.”

The collaboration expresses pops of purple, wildflowers, whipped cream and unique details – taken straight from a dreamscape.


Credit: Hypebae

All pieces within the collaboration have a natural linen fabrication and are hand-sewn. As well as, highlighting the use of already available items for inspiration.

The range includes summer-ready sleepwear. Picnic dresses, flared pants, jumpsuits and pieces with puffer sleeves are amongst the availabe items.

As for the campaign, visually – it appeals to out-of-the-box thinking. It embraces the idea of a summer dreamscape for people to fall deeply into.

Credit: Hypebae

The collection pushes an airy and fun-loving summer vibe. Seashells, colourful flowers, ice cream, whipped cream with strawberries and vegetables appear throughout the campaign; creating a fresh healthy summer tone.

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