Hours before the annual Pride Parade in Norway, a mass shooting erupts, cancelling a cause for celebration. Many are left with injuries, and others lose family members and friends.

Credit: BBC

The Norwegian security service has raised its country’s terror alert to the highest level. In central Oslo, a gunman open fired on a LGBTQ+ nightclub; and the country, falling into disarray – just hours before Norway’s Pride Parade. The attack struck in the very early hours of Saturday morning. Surrounding pubs and streets are also victims of the violence.

Credit: BBC

According to eye-witnesses, the suspect openly took out a gun from his bag and fired into a crowd.

At surrounding pubs, witnesses see people fleeing for safety. Around 80 to 100 party-goers run to the basement as a safe place to evade the shooting.

Nine News reports that two men in their 50’s and 60’s die during the shooting. After the attack, ten people receive treatment for serious injuries. Eleven others, for minor injuries.

It is said the suspect identifies as a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen. As advised by his defence attorney, the man’s mental health needs to be evaluated. This is the only suspected motive as of yet.


Credit: BBC

An individual in support of the Pride Parade comments that,

“My first thought was that Pride was the target, so that’s frightening.”

The attacker supposedly had no intent to target LGBTQ+ establishments. Unfortunately, due to unstable mental health and a terrorist association, the LGBTQ+ community suffer the consequences.


In light of the attack, many members of the community took to the streets Saturday.

Despite Police advice and the cancellation of the parade, scores of people chos to walk down the streets anyway. The parade is usually the highlight of week-long festivities. Thousands of rainbow colour flags brighten the air as people kept the spirit of pride alive.

This latest attack is inspiring fresh fear and grief in the LGBTQ+ communities around the world.

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