In this lavish 350 page hardcover book, we explore the life of the mercurial Dame Vivienne Westwood.

Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast Youtube

Punk. Dame. Designer. Rebel. Millionaire. Mother. Radical. All words one could use to describe Vivienne Westwood, a woman who is perhaps the most influential British designer the world has ever seen.

In an industry predominantly created to showcase beauty, Westwood uses her skills to advocate higher causes, through her passion for art, history and social justice. In doing so she redefined what being a designer could represent, inspiring a wave of others dedicated to using fashion as a means of sparking cultural change.

The fifth release in the Renegades of Fashion series allows you to get a glimpse at her work, through stunning images of herself and her art.

We hope you’ll enjoy learning about Dame Vivienne Westwood as much as we enjoyed telling her story.

Our new book about Dame Vivienne Westwood is now available on Amazon books as hard cover, soft cover, ebook and audiobook.

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