A groundbreaking collaboration, “Vogue x Snapchat: Redefining the Body” opened at the Centre d’art La Malmaison during the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Now, “Vogue x Snapchat: Redefining the Body” is transforming fashion through cutting-edge, augmented reality technology.

Credit: Adweek

In a world reliant on digital presence, it only seems appropriate that the fashion industry evolve as society has. The outcome? The ability to virtually try-on outfits. This amplifies and transforms designs from several leading fashion designers. The new addition to Snapchat is even endorsed by Vogue. Now, trying on designer clothes is accessible to Snap-chatters across the globe.

Seven of the most reputable and loved designers including Balenciaga, Dior, Gucci, Kenneth Ize, Richard Quinn, Stella McCartney and Versace have agreed to take part in this innovation. Snapchat has the go-ahead to use some of their most impressionable designs. These are from their latest collections to feature on the app.

Creative Visions

It is developed by British Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful, and co-founder CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel. This AR try-on clothing experience allows users to embody the creative visions of the designers. Also, to encounter all the luxuries that accompany shopping for designer labels, with the custom-designed rooms – making the process even more realistic.

From London to Paris to Italy, this collaboration features a powerful blend of leading fashion houses. A shared intent to challenge social norms, stereotypes and expectations in the industry pulls it all together. In an augmented reality using Snap’s revolutionary Landmarker technology.

Credit: Adweek

Snapchatters of every body type, gender, race, size, age and socio-economic status can indulge in the digital experience. All it takes is a simple scan of each designer’s code. Trying on one-of-a-kind pieces in virtual change rooms blooming with the blue roses of Richard Quinn across the walls. Or the fairy-tale toadstools of Stella McCartney, with carpeting along the floor. You can even take a look in Gucci’s funhouse mirror. The result? A complete fashion experience at the touch of a button.

The development comes from a collaboration between Arcadia, Atomic Digital Design and Snapchat. Born in their new AR studio in Paris, this technology enables Snapchatters partake in the experience from home through the global lense, “Lens Carousel”, or alternately, via the “Dress Up” tab in Lens Explorer.

And as per journalist, David Cohen, the collab doesn’t stop there. “Snap and British Vogue also teamed up with DressX on a capsule collection that will include limited-edition Vogue x Snapchat merchandise and be available at the exhibition in Cannes and via the DressX site.”

Empowering Snapchat Users

Mumbrella reports that the exhibition at Cannes houses “exclusive, iconic archive looks – symbols of the body redefined – which are each exhibited in a show space designed by each brand.”

Leave it to Dior to take centre stage though. With a fashionably exquisite statue of a woman standing on the Parisian maison’s lucky symbol, fashioning a classic Dior look from the 1947 New Look collection. Carrying the iconic Lady Dior handbag, popularised by Diana, Princess of Wales, in the 1990s, this welcome into the exhibition sets the standard for what is to come.

And what is to come is a fashion addict’s high.

Spiegel says in a statement,

“We are thrilled to partner with Vogue to empower hundreds of millions of Snapchatters around the world to digitally experience fashion from top designers and brands. Through this exhibition, and AR more broadly, we hope to introduce new levels of accessibility, creativity, and expression to the fashion and design world.”

He goes on to say that, “It has always been important to me to make fashion accessible for all. Using AR, Vogue x Snapchat: Redefining the Body is an exhibition that invites everyone—regardless of race, gender, sexuality and size—to experience and enjoy fashion from some of the world’s very best designers and luxury brands. It doesn’t get better than that,” he added.

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