In the summer of 2024-25 the largest surf park in the Southern Hemisphere opens. The Perth-based surf park, Aventuur, will cover an area of 5.7 hectare and is speculated to cost $100 million. The Park will be home to a minimum of 25 different types of waves. There will be activities for surfers of all levels. Equipment, wetsuits, and boards will be available for hire within the Park.

Credit: Concrete Playground

A project such as Aventuur reflects the deeply ingrained surfing culture amongst citizens of Perth. Upon the signing of the lease agreement, Mr Andrew Ross, the chairman of Aventuur, states,

“Surfing’s deeply ingrained in the Perth culture. But to be a Perth surfer is actually a very challenging career choice.”

Perth’s expanding metropolitan landscape, along with its often-awful surfing conditions makes surfing quite a challenge. By opening the largest surf park in the Southern Hemisphere, the aim is to ensure experienced and newcomer surfers can consistently enjoy perfect waves suited to their skill level. For example, the Park will feature knee-high white-water for beginners with 150-metre-long-waves and the potential for “beast mode” for experienced surfers.

This is reflected by Mr Ross’s comment that “the Perth surf park will be a game changer in that respect allowing perfect waves for everyone from absolute beginners, all the way through to professional surfers.”

Furthermore, Aventuur will also be home to accommodation, bars and restaurants, beach club and retail stores. The resort aims to be “a hefty surf sports, recreation, leisure, and entertainment hub”. It will also provide “a health and wellness centre, co-working offices, and functions and event spaces”. Moreover, the Park will also host regular events such as outdoor surf movie nights, photography exhibitions, festivals and professional surfing competitions.

Environmental and Safety Concerns

Credit: Concrete Playground

However, concerns have arisen regarding the Park’s impact on Perth’s natural environment. Interestingly, the Park has been granted the status “state significant project”. Planning Minister Rita Saffioti has reassured the public that over the next 2 years the construction site would undergo rigorous environmental and safety assessments.

Additionally, Minister Saffioti has clarified, “This agreement for lease now allows the company to seek and receive developmental approval, it will also help them in respect to their financing and that lease will come into play once that surf park is actually built.”

Similarly, Mr Ross promises Aventuur will be a safe environment for everyone to learn and enjoy surfing. Medical assistance will consistently be at hand.

Aventuur will bring approximately 300,000 visitors yearly and contribute a total of $250 million to WA’s economy.

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