As everyone prepares their passports and bikinis to attend the first European summer since COVID, the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, has prepared the perfect European lunch destination in St. Tropez.

Credit: Louis Vuitton

Saying BON APETIT from the South of France, Louis Vuitton is taking inspiration from their first-ever cafe and restaurant in its Osaka Maison in Japan, opening their first European designer restaurant.

As the first standalone designer eatery in the world, the fashion house presents an expectedly glamorous 40-seat outdoor restaurant. Its location is over the terrace at the White 1921 Hotel, in the heart of Saint Tropez.

“It’s set right upon Place de Lices, the beating heart of Saint Tropez that’s lined with red-chaired bistros, upscale shops, and, on certain days of the week, a Provencal market selling everything from baguettes to antiques to beach cover-ups.”

Source: Vogue

Credit: Louis Vuitton

But the location isn’t the only attractive feature of this restaurant. The Michelin-star chef, Mory Sacko, is in the kitchen. Therefore, visitors can expect that the dishes are luxurious and tasteful. This is food which matches the quality of the products available in Louis Vuitton boutiques. Taking his skills from his experience as head chef at MoSuke in Paris, Sacko has produced a menu that takes inspiration from contemporary culinary influences.

A Palette for Everyone

Reflecting on Saint Tropez’s reputation as a destination for travellers from all over the world, dishes from the African, Japanese and French cuisine have been blended to formulate a mixed gourmet cuisine that is signature to Louis Vuitton, Mory Sacko, and Saint Tropez. According to Vogue, the restaurant offers anything from the Japanese ekiben meal tray, to eggplant tacos, prime rib and a lighter tapas menu. So, no matter your palette, the eatery has a dish to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Credit: Louis Vuitton.

However, it doesn’t stop at an attractive location and menu for their restaurants. If you’re going to dine in designer, you may ask well be sitting in luxury too, right? Well, leave it to LV to drape the space in lavish decor. And the decor is definitely a draw.

“Beyond the food, stepping into the restaurant is an experience of its own. Beyond the moon gate at the entrance, the decor of Mory Sacko at Louis Vuitton features rattan baskets hanging against manicured greenery, fresh neutral tones, and fine wooden detailing. The space is the perfect blend of Louis Vuitton luxury and Saint-Tropez escapism, and once you visit, you’ll never want to leave.”

Source: Grazia

Credit: Louis Vuitton.

So, if you’re in Italy, Monaco, Paris, or anywhere in between, add this gourmet restaurant to your itinerary. In fact, consider this as your official recommendation. You can make a reservation through the Louis Vuitton website.

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