Nothing grabs your attention like the curves and contours of a man. Acne Studios promotes its newest “Musubi” bag with a unique launch.

Credit: Dazed

A handbag is an accessory. Highlighting personality and status.

The last thing you would expect to see is your latest desire sitting on the rear of a cleverly posed man.

Jonny Johanssonwho is the founder of the brand, makes a special call to American photographer/artist, Talia Chetrit for the occasion. The American artist came up with a sensual and alluring campaign shoot.


According to Chetrit, the choice of having male dancers to star in the campaign is obvious. The focus being on the sleek and muscular form of a dancer. Which, is to represent the figurative qualities of the bag itself.

Credit: Dazed

As of yet, it is unclear as to why female dancers are not featured to promote the newest accessory.

Chetrit is known for her work accentuating themes of intimacy, domesticity and sexuality. However, it is very interesting to see those themes used in a bag launch.

Possibly, this is the idea. The unexpected image of a naked body promoting an item as simple as a handbag is sure to draw the eyes in.

The newest Musubi bag has taken inspiration from the Japanese obi sash, as it focuses on clean lines and signature knots. Moreover, creating a unique and fresh structure to a handbag.

The bag comes in four colours consisting of black, hot pink, white and tan. The dancers are posed artistically with either one or multiple bags to promote.

Johansson explains in reference to Chetrit,

“This project was her idea entirely – we just sent her some bags to photograph as she wished.”


Credit: Dazed

The idea behind the campaign is good. It is fresh and fun, and a little quirky. But, to be completely naked for the shoot, was that the right idea?

Yes, the bags are placed tactically. However, I just can’t get past the idea knowing a handful of those bags have been resting, squished and scrunched on private regions.

In all honesty, eyes are not drawn to the bags first. That is for sure.

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