032c Spring Summer 2023 ready-to-wear collection is one that inspires a freedom to be and to do. The collection, “GROSSE FREIHEIT”, sees creative director Maria Koch reaffirming the values of the 032c cosmos. The resulting looks embrace tactical workwear, featuring contemporary dress designs. 

Credit; Hypebeast

“GROSSE FREIHEIT” translates to big freedom. And 032c’s SS23 assortment collection emulates the three values embodying the brand – freedom, research, and creativity.

In a creative process of risk and trust, the work is informed by a desire to provoke and activate the imagination. It features a marriage of textiles in a colour palette of black, rust and cool plums and blues. There is no sacrifice to the intricacy of texture and structure.

The pieces themselves have adornments of large “GROSSE FREIHEIT” prints. And the words direct emphasis to the pillar of freedom which unites the tone punctuating the latest offering.

Alternatively, 032c stamps insignia onto leather garments and decorates tops – authentically concretising the essence of the label’s effortless, free-spiritedness.

The collection sees slopping and silhouettes with roundedness, realised in the oversizing of jackets with padding and large hoods that guard the neck. Commodious t-shirts also feature, which are large and loose fitting in nature.

Meanwhile, descendent trench coats appear as if they are floating whilst contrastingly paired with cropped or rather, slashed, dress shirts. Thus, “GROSSE FREIHEIT” journeys on a metaphorical path, playing on 032c’s sensibility toward unrestrained silhouettes that free the body.

Credit: Hypebeast

The clothes are unrestricting and generously cut manifesting the essence of the collections preoccupation – liberation.

When considering the bigger picture, “BIG FREEDOM” crystallises a perspective, a belief. This mentality is imbued with values of individualism which embodies the 032c universe as a whole.

A Multifaceted Collection

Credit: Hypebeast

The unequivocal versatility of the line further embodies this essence of freedom. Whilst Koch offers outerwear best suiting colder climates, the collection also features garments like a minimal black tube top, an earth-tone romper suit or a paint-splotch denim skirt, suitable for the warmer seasons.

My personal favourite from the collection embodies this sentiment completely. A black, cut-out gorpcore jacket adorned with black zippers and subtle 032c branding. It finds pairing with a semi-sheer body suit. Areas of skin are exposed under a black opaque mesh, with a pinstripe detail trailing down the legs. This look channels an almost Nensi-Dojaka-esque delicateness. Thus, cooler and warmer type textiles and garments dichotomize into one. On the whole, it offers further freedom of choice for the wearer.

Credit: Hypebeast

Pieces are detailed, studded and layered with double-buckle belts which sit loosely on the body as opposed to traditionally cinching.  Silver zipper trim line a muted orange-toned nylon tracksuit extended by a large geometric back pocket and flared pant bottoms that nearly swallow the shoe whole. Meanwhile, pants find their character via trailing, fluid-like, elongated straps, a testament to the emboldened appreciation toward the collections inherent motif.

To be Free, to be Individual

Credit: Hypebeast

“GROSSE FREIHEIT” sings out a harmonious melody that is daring yet accessible. The collection’s contradictions paralleling 032c’s preoccupation with “juxtapositions and changeability.”

The brand reveals that the collection “is for all occasions, and it needs none”, reminding us that we are free in the face of our fashion choices – that we can wear what we want.

In a world that often rejects the freedom of individualist expression, 032c SS23 collection is one that both urges it and offers the freedom to do so. With 032c being an undeniable force of influence in fashion, there is no doubt that this collection will inspire.

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