What is the #1 Youtube video for this week? and what is all the hype? This week’s #1 Trending Youtube clip comes from LazarBeam with “I Spent $1,746,851 Robux”.

LazarBeam net worth: The Fortnite Gamer's net worth will leave fans astonished
Credit: Lazarbeam on Twitter

In his newest video, Lazarbeam has fifty hours to spend $1,746,851 Robux which roughly equates to  $25,201.40 AUD, in the game Roblox. This challenge seems to be an easy one because who doesn’t love and wish to spend copious amounts of money on their favourite game? But as the video goes on, we see Lazarbeam slowly running out of things to spend the Robux on – and almost going insane in the process.

Who is Lazarbeam?

Lazarbeam is an Australian YouTuber, professional gamer and internet personality that has 20M Subscribers on Youtube. His videos are mostly about gaming, rising to popularity for making Fornite memes on Reddit. Now, he solely streams on Youtube.

What is the Video About?

I Spent $1,746,851 Robux - YouTube
Credit: Lazarbeam

“I Spent $1,746,851 Robux” is a nine-minute video centring around Lazarbeam as he challenges himself to spend a large amount of money in a fifty-hour time frame. The funds are thanks to gamer, Hazem. He begins the video by explaining the benefit of spending money on the Roblox games. He says that you can spend money to win the games and beat up kids on their Ipads. He is clearly joking with that last comment.

Throughout the video, we see Lazarbeam playing each game, detailing what he’s spending the money on. It sort of becomes a tutorial of what you can achieve if you have the money to splurge on game advantages. For example, in the spoon-hitting game, you can spend 499 Robux for a humungous spoon. Throughout the video, we are treated to Lazarbeam’s hilarious running commentary. In one part, he has an existential crisis when he kills another Roblox player. The player in question has the birth year 2016 in his name – meaning he murdered a six-year-old in Roblox. But towards the end of the video, to repair his ways, he finds himself in a donation simulator created by Hazem and gives back to the Roblox community.

Why is it so Popular?

This video of Lazarbeams is not only #1 on the trending page of YouTube but has earned itself 2,400,248 views after only being posted for 22 hrs. This is for a few reasons the first one being his large and loyal fan base, On Youtube, Lazarbeam has 20.1 Million Subscribers and a total of 8,349,925,462 views as a whole, which means that he is more likely to have a video become very popular even if the content isn’t for everyone.

The second reason is due to the exciting content, his viewers who enjoy Roblox and wish to be able to splurge on these games can live vicariously through Lazarbeam as he does so.

As a person who has played many hours on military tycoon seeing him just buy everything kinda made me happy to see someone had fun – Youtube Commenter ArmyJ2011

What does this Video say about our Culture?

In a world where Youtube Videos can reach anybody and everyone in the world, it’s interesting to see what videos appeal to the majority of users. This video to me shows how people enjoy being a part of an online community such as the one Lazarbeam has created on his Youtube channel. This particular video brings people together because of the fascination with the content, watching their favourite streamer spend copious amounts of money on this game and see what that can get you.

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