Baby bumps, fragrance bottle heels and cone bras are Rousteings unique approach to runway for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Credit: Elle

For Jean Paul Gaultier’s most recent show, young designer Olivier Rousteing created a 200 haute couture sketch plan. Rousteing can be described as an innovator amongst fashion designers today. He is taking full advantage of social media. Especially when it was a time many luxury brands were sceptical about online platforms such as Instagram.


Classic Jean Paul Gaultier with a fresh modern twist is the essence. Iconic conical bras are a dominate feature however, now molded into leather or incorporated into gowns and blazers for a sexier appearance.

Credit: Elle

Continuing with the modern theme, Breton stripes were combined with multicolored robes. Transforming tape-like dresses into something unique. All tailoring is pushed to its limits, as well as tattoo motifs were across most looks. Finally, Balmain signature sharp shoulders and metallic colours are evident throughout the show.


Unique pieces are displayed after four months of hard work.

One of the most interesting designs is the fragrance bottle heeled shoe. Which, complimented the perfume inspired metal dress.

Credit: Elle

Classic denim is captured in a mini-dress design however, the statement piece of the outfit is the lengthy features bursting from the neckline. Furthermore, giving off a royal feel with a oversized train and the feathers gathered around the head like a crown.

Lastly, for all you leather lovers out there. A white leather bandage dress made an appearance on the runway. Accented by a pin-cushion heart over the chest.


The biggest surprise of the show is the unexpected design of baby bumps.

Yes, you read that right.

According to Elle, the crowd went wild when two of the models were sent down the runway cradling baby bumps.

Credit: Elle

Rousteing channeled punk-rock mum with a dash of Rhianna. I think we can all agree it is definitely a look Rihanna pulled off while pregnant. In addition to the baby bumps, the two model were also molded in breastplates. Featuring conical bras and accessories such as, nose-rings with chains and heavy metal jewellery.

The crowd couldn’t get enough of the looks.


The young designer has taken many hours to perfect the looks for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Having the opportunity to collaborate with one of his biggest inspirations was a massive honor. Rousteing considers Gaultier as one of the best. He claims Gaultier isn’t just known by the clothes he designs, but by his face. Everyone knows him for him, besides his work.

Therefore, creating a 200 piece sketch collection was how his perfectionist nature began for this event. Rousteing wanted there to be nothing he hadn’t considered to put forward to work on.

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