Punk. Dame. Designer. Rebel. Millionaire. Mother. Radical. All words one
could use to describe Vivienne Westwood, a woman who is perhaps the most
influential British designer the world has ever seen.

It’s not just Vivienne who looks great in her clothes. The genius of her draping technique lies in its ability to complement every shape and size – the gentlewoman | Photo by: Alasdair McLellan

In this lavish 350-page hardcover picture book we explore the life of the
mecurial Dame Vivienne Westwood.

In an industry predominantly created to showcase beauty, Westwood uses
her skills to advocate higher causes, through her passion for art, history and
social justice. In doing so she redefined what being a designer could
represent, inspiring a wave of others dedicated to using fashion as a means
of sparking cultural change.

Creating a subculture of punk, her clothes appealed to high-fashion anarchists and subversives. But by the early 1980s, Vivienne was tired of the punk ethos and yearned to push her sense of design to new places. She and Malcolm McLaren remodelled their boutique, naming it “World’s End”.

And in 1981 the pair launched their first catwalk collection, Pirate. The collection consisted of clothes influenced by the golden age of buccaneers and highwaymen and was an instant hit with the fashion world. Westwood was no longer rattling the establishment from the outside: she was actively working within mainstream culture to influence change.

“WESTWOOD” is available now globally on Amazon books, as hard cover, soft
cover, ebook, and audiobook.

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