According to Youtube, Cameron Smith winning the 150th open championship in golf is what everyone wants to see.

Credit: YouTube

For many of us golf could not be more boring. However, for many members in the YouTube community it seems to be the hit of the week.

The final round is compiled into a ten minute video of just the highlights. Yikes.

According to the YouTube description, Smith is the first Australian to become champion since Greg Norman in 1993.

“His finishing score of 20-under-par matched Henrik Stenson’s winning number from Royal Troon six years ago and is the joint-best score to par in Open history, and the lowest at St Andrews.”

But, who cares. Right?

How is golf overtaking much more important topics for the week? Sometimes I just can not wrap my head around what majority of the world thinks is a hot topic.

The video was posted on 18th July and has already received 647K views. However, even with the small amount of views, the video is still topping the charts for the week.

I’m sorry, but I would not waste ten whole precious minutes out of my day to watch golf highlights.

How is this a true representation of what people find most interesting on YouTube? Sure, it can be a current news topic, but #1 Trending on YouTube’s general feed? Surely not.

Credit: YouTube

To make it worse, the second most trending video of the week is also about golf. About the same man winning. And, it also goes for ten minutes!

Finally, #3 on the list is something more mainstream I’d expect from YouTube. Titled “Daughters Control their Dad’s Lives for 24hrs!” This video has over 2.4 Million views, but is still only third on the trending feed.


Apparently, videos on YouTube are put into the trending feed according to how many views and likes it gets within a certain amount of time.

Therefore, the top trending gold video may have only 647K views compared to the 2.4 Million the daughters video does. However, the daughters video was uploaded a day before. Which means it has taken longer for said video to acquire those views and likes.

In conclusion, the golf video must really appeal to a certain crowd since it was able to be viewed and liked in record time. Resulting in it being ranked first trending for the week.

Sorry to burst any golf fans bubble, but I was not one of those eager viewers.

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