Dion Lee Resort 2023 is both sleek and tough. This collection takes inspiration from nature, Rosalia and emerging trends on the fashion scene. 

Creative In Conversation: Dion Lee
Designer Dion Lee Credit: Dion Lee

Dion Lee is an Australian designer who established the brand in 2009. It’s renowned for experimental construction combined with traditional tailoring. The aesthetic is technical with an intelligent sensuality, and each collection marries innovative construction with a consciousness of the female form. Many of their collections feature architectural silhouettes that are dissected to enhance movement and allow for the flow of air and light.

Dion Lee also designed for the iconic Rosalia and her team of dancers, exclusively, for four months of her tour. The partnership between the two suits him and his designs, which are the Rosalia type – aggressive, tough and spellbindingly sexy. Dion Lee’s resort 2023 collection is designed in tandem with Rosalia’s looks and has a hot motocross edge. This collection mixes precision with slinkiness and dressing up with dressing down and using influences from tough, strong costuming.

Look 1

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Credit: Dion Lee

The first look for the collection is a simple yet interesting dress. The structured dress features a warrior-esk hemline with cutouts on the side. The look is paired with sleek thigh-high boots.










Look 2

The second look in the collection plays with colour and materials. This vibrant look features a bandeau sip top in vibrant yellow, and a skirt that has a bikini bottom with a fishing net overlay skirt.  The look is paired with knee-high black boots and a black and gold handbag. This look really takes on the resort feel.







Look 3

Credit: Dion Lee

The third look of the collection is this black padded top and trouser duo. It is inspired by motorcycle wear and padding on the bottoms.











Look 4

Credit: Dion Lee

The fourth look of the collection is this vibrant fishnet top paired with motorcycle trouser bottoms. It mixes the dainty structure of the top juxtaposed against the structured toughness of the trousers.










Look 5

Credit: Dion Lee

The fifth look in this collection is once again bringing this edgy sexy vibe, but is mixing it with more dainty silhouettes. This look features strategic placements for holes and cutouts.










Look 6

Credit: Dion Lee

The sixth look for this collection is simplistic yet edgy, it has a subtle edginess about it. The top is unique in its neckline, opting for a halter neck mixed with an off the shoulder long sleeve. The pants are tight faux leather trousers, with holes running up the front for a spicy detail.









Look 7

Credit: Dion Lee

The Seventh look in the collection is a take on the suiting trend we are seeing throughout high-end fashion lines. It puts an alternative spin on the business pantsuit we see, with the waistband of the pants being a hip tie situation and the top is this elevated bandeau top with gold hardware.








Look 8

Credit: Dion Lee

The eighth look in this collection is another alternative more casual take on the suiting trend. This time is this leather-inspired look, with a jacket and pants, paired with heels and a white cropped long-sleeve shirt.










Look 9

Credit: Dion Lee

The ninth look of the collection is taking inspiration from the colours of nature, with these ombre green and beige pieces. It features a wrap skirt, a cropped shirt, trousers and a hoodie.











Look 10

Credit: Dion Lee

The tenth look of the collection features a khaki maxi dress that features cut-out and strategic panelling to show some skin.











Look 11

Credit: Dion Lee

For look eleven we are treated to another duo look, that features black and brown tie dye pants as the statement pieces. These looks are infused with a sense of artistic grace and two extremes.










Look 12

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Credit: Dion Lee

The twelfth look for the collection features animal print, being mixed with a formal silhouette and style. The accessories complement the dress but juxtapose each other with an animal print cap paired with a set of silver dangling earrings.









Look 13

Credit: Dion Lee

The thirteenth look for the collection is a more casual and shorter take on look twelve. Featuring an animal print dress, paired with thigh-high boots and an animal-printed cap. The dress itself features a sequined material which adds dimension to the look.









Look 14

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Evening Dress Gown Robe Fashion Human Person and Dress
Credit: Dion Lee

Look Fourteen features a dress that gives the impression of being dainty draped over the model with a risque cut across the stomach-hip area. The effortlessly artistic piece features a similar material and pattern to look thirteen.









Look 15

Image may contain Dress Clothing Apparel Human Person Grass Plant Blonde Teen Kid Child and Vegetation
Credit: Dion Lee

Look fifteen is playing more with fun vibrant colours with this orange look, featuring a sage green as an accent colour on the lightweight skirt.










Look 16

Credit: Dion Lee

Look sixteen for this collection, takes look fifteen and amps up the artistic expression by engulfing the model with plastic orange fishnet gate material.











Look 17

Credit: Dion Lee

The seventeenth look for this collection is an ombre brown outfit with a hoodie and wide-bottomed trousers.












Look 18

Credit: Dion Lee

The eighteenth look for this collection features all blue looks. I mix the suiting aesthetic with casual bottoms. The overall look gives off a sophisticated, yet powerful and strong combination.










Look 19

Credit: Dion Lee

The nineteenth look for this collection is another vibrant all-orange look. It features a two-layered puffer jacket dress, paired with thigh-high orange boots and a bright orange bag.






Look 20

The twentieth and final look for the collection is a more muted orange look, that features slinky dainty material with a unique cut dress.

The look also features orange heels with a sock top, the perfect accessory for this dress.

Credit: Dion Lee

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