Ryan Gosling told interviewer Josh Horowitz recently he has always had a bit of ‘Ken-ergy’ in him’. This created a phrase that has the internet talking. Couple that with his partner Eva Mendes making a hashtag #ThatsMyKen and you have a role that Ryan Gosling will find hard to break free from.

Credit: Variety

Although very little is known about the Barbie movie, we do know that the cast is having a great time making it. And who can blame them? From acid-wash denim to All of The Pink, acting in a camp 80’s movie on Barbie is everyone’s childhood fantasy. Looking like a cross between Kel Knight, and, well Ken-doll, Ryan Gosling is certainly rocking those rollerblades.

Gosling, Your “Ken-ergy” Surprises Us!

Credit: Los Angeles Times

But to say he has ‘Ken-ergy’ is not something we would associate with the Notebook star. In fact to hear him saying ‘There’s always been a Ken inside of me’ has us surprised, depending on how you view Ken. If Ken is the shallow empty-headed boyfriend of Barbie focused on Hawaiian holidays and pink caravans, we’re not sure exactly what Gosling means.

Apparently, his acceptance for the role occurred after he read through the script and said ‘It was the best script he’d ever read’. After that, he went out into the backyard and found his daughter’s Ken doll face down in the dirt next to a squished lemon.

I Am Your Ken. This Story Must Be Told

Credit: List123

He sent a photo of his daughter’s doll to the director, saying “I am your Ken. This story must be told”. He has found the internet sensation of his Ken bod astonishing. “As though they ever played with Ken” he said. “Nobody plays with Ken, man”.

“Ken has no money, he’s got no job, he’s got no car, he’s got no house. He’s going through some stuff” adds Gosling. Although, has he forgotten the caravan? These aren’t plot details, they are just random facts about Ken’s life. And if Gosling thinks he has a bit of Ken-ergy, we’re wondering how he views himself. Second rate, second fiddle, distant romancer to Barbie? Objectified pretty boy? Perhaps. More likely a safe comment to an interviewer that took off. Time will tell, and so will the movie.

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