Portraits of Miu Miu – clothing and individuals, make up the fashion houses’ Fall/Winter 2022 advertising campaign, “Character Study”. It’s an expression and reflection of a mind-set and character study. The campaign for Miuccia Prada’s FW22 collection offers a series of portraits of figures who inherently embody the brand and its ideology.

Credit: ZOEMagazine

The Miu Miu girl makes a mark in office wear throughout Miu Miu’s Spring Ready To Wear collection. Now, she takes a liking to tennis for Winter. Overall, the campaign focuses on the rebellious and free-spirited juvenility of Miu Miu’s boldness and strength.

A gender-diverse expression of the Miu Miu person takes shape, travelling beyond gender binaries. The silhouettes are gender-fluid, working beautifully on nonbinary and masculine physiques.

Common territories forge new meanings as classic silhouettes and dimensions are reimagined. The reign of the microskirt extends itself to the tennis skirt – where its ubiquitous silhouette sees a reinvention for Fall.

Stating in a press release, the brand reveals “It is a reconsideration and examination.” As such, sportswear becomes the catalyst for both collection and campaign – where shapes and details of the garments illustratively summon a Sunday sport turned contemporary chic sensibility.

A Miu Miu Community

Credit: @miumiu

Uniting thru individuality, “Character Study” is assuredly an all-star event that reflects delicate tenderness and youthful wisdom. The diverse cast of varying identities, personae and facets of creativity gives shape to a Miu Miu community connecting those alike.

It’s an all-star lineup. British actor, Emma Corrin. Euphoria star, Sydney Sweeney. American author, actor, model and women’s rights advocate, Emily Ratakowski. “King Richard” star Demi Singleton. All of whom are joined by models debuting the Fall/Winter 2022 runway: Maty Drazek, Amber Later and Jade Rabarivelo.

Lensed by Tyrone LeBon with styling by Lotta Volkova, each character’s portraits are captivating, defiant and intimate.

In a press release, Miu Miu reveals:

”The focus of these images is boldly on the personae of these figures, their expressions and their expression of themselves through their clothes.”

Additionally, the campaign features a video, showcasing the stars adorning the house’s signature codes from the FW22 show. Highlights include the ultra-short miniskirts and hot pants, argyle knits, cropped bomber jackets, signature leather belting, the Matelassé and Hobo bags, biker boots, ballet shoes and oversized socks.

What does a Miu Miu Girl look like?

Credit: ZOEMagazine

“Character Study” redefines Miu Miu’s wardrobe staples and classic textiles in new proportions and bold silhouettes. The campaign’s spirited reflections communicate each character’s personae

“Miu Miu Girl”, Sydney Sweeney clutches a black deconstructed soft leather shoulder bag. The bag itself shouts sophistication. It features studs with gold hardware, embellished with a slender removable chain. It is embossed with lettering, giving a striking individuality to this staple accessory.

Romantic Elements

Sweeney fashions a sheer black sleeveless organza top which brags a flowing romantic bow. The straight cropped cut adds a gentle touch of modern femineity to the garment which appropriately reflects Sweeney herself. This is paired with an oversized blazer which almost swallows her whole. The star poetically reflects, telling the camera, “Now we’re back to reality, on the walkway by our feet. The sun turns red, the moon is near full and the night is white and dark.”

Additionally, in other portraits, Sweeney sports the organza top once more with pairings of a crystal-clad netted silver mesh miniskirt and mesh crop top. Similar to many other portraits in the campaign, silk bra and underwear sporting a jacquard logo peer out of the waistband. The cloudy grey set in this portrait is a reflection of reality and a reinterpretation of a universal, timeless garment – ultra-feminine lingerie.

Credit: @sydney_sweeney

The look also offers Miu Miu’s signature leather belt. Elegant and minimal in design, the belt is characterised by Miu Miu insignia that ornaments the belt loop. The black organza top features once again with a pair of iconic satin ballerinas, decorated with a feminine kiss of bows and elastic bands stamped with a knitted logo label.

Meanwhile, Demi Singleton opted for a cropped leather jacket and matching leather pant. Brandishing the Miu Miu Wander matelassé black nappa leather mini runched hobo handbag.

Simple Definition

In other images, Singleton wears a silk and cotton polo shirt. It’s a simple design with a boxy silhouette. The garment receives a new life via the distinctively individual openwork motif – allowing an air of romantic charm. The knit logo patch also adds an iconic touch to the look in its entirety.

This is once again coupled with the white opaque organza top. A Sablé skirt features pleats and a signature leather belt. Elegance and accuracy are undermined with pleats reinventing its silhouette. The stark whiteness juxtaposes the iconic embroidery of a simple logo in athletic blue with a red stripe.

Credit: ZOEMagazine

Fellow campaign star Erin Corrin fronts the camera in a charcoal wool suit set, an aviator bomber jacket, and a grey argyle sweater. A geometric argyle motif remembers sixties designs signalling that the knit is made from cashmere yarn. The classic line of the garment features the interruption of a logo in a contrasting colour. Finer details include knit cuffs with ribbing and hem and a semi-raglan shoulder.

This sees pairing with double belted leather shorts. They tell us, the camera, “Voices fade, but it is clear no one is speaking.”

Credit: ZOEMagazine

Emily Ratajowski, with her slick hair, wearing a beige argyle sweater, leather burgundy mini-shorts and plaid trench coat. Additionally, over-the-knee wool socks – reminiscent of leg warmers find pairing with ballerina flats; contributing to the ever-rising #balletcore trend. This timeless garment includes embroidering – a letter logo embellishment. It’s a reinterpretation of modern femininity. She tells the camera, “You might call me somewhat of a curiosity, I am simply a regular person. Others say so.”

Credit: ZOEMagazine

Defiant, Direct and Bold

The dichotomies of hard and soft are alluring; manifesting throughout the juxtapositions of bold outerwear. This, together with feminine touches of translucence and silk speaks to a power that truly finds comfort in its delicacy. The direct, “gaze of each sitter catches ours”, a further testament to this sentiment.

Realised by this campaign it becomes evident that Miu Miu’s Fall Winter 2022 campaign is urging us to interpret style with our own sense of self. ‘Character Study’ truly invites us all to challenge what we feel we already know.

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