Depop is the fashion marketplace app of this generation. So it’s no wonder that its cool, fun, and sustainable flare is transforming the fashion world, hook, line, and sinker. Introducing, Depop Collaborators. Where digital fashion takes the streets of hip LA, New York, and London. 

Credit: Depop blog

Since its inception, Depop’s mission as a community-powered ecosystem has become a place where millions of users can celebrate their style and discover culture. Striking in its bright red logo, Depop is now coming together to inspire a brighter future in fashion. With the help of five creatives and art/music collectives, the project unites the worlds of fashion music, and art. Sparking important conversations about circular fashion and placing a spotlight on independent brands and artists, all while making it public! I mean, how could you not desire pre-loved Prada or a vintage 100% leather trench?

Innovation and Expression

The marketplace, already home to 26 million registered users worldwide, has a knack for innovation and expressiveness. Popular among Gen Z in particular, Depop exists among a plethora of other re-sell, e-commerce, and shopping platforms, such as Etsy. However, its heightened popularity may just be due to the attention gained from younger people, with 90% of its users under 26! According to Mary Milk, a top seller on Depop finding a ‘unique edge’ is important.

“It’s important to keep a sense of yourself in your shop, because if you create that niche people are going to constantly come back for that.”

Depop fashion | Credit: Depop newsroom

So the question is, what will the offline store look like?

Well, in addition to selling exclusive items within each of their Depop shops, each collaborator’s distinctive style and message will be echoed in their workshops. Including detailed installations and interactive pop-ups. This time around, Depop is executing, try and buy! And as we enter a new era of sustainable fashion, in pursuit of environmental and ethical goodness, FIB could not be more excited to see what Depop has to offer!

Joining Forces

Platform users and fashion designers, Makayla, Paris, Ed & Benny, Stitch, and underground music man, Keep Hush are joining forces to help launch the Collaborator Network Depop. The project, which is entirely funded by Depop will unite an unparallel activation of each multi-faceted artist. Chasing the connection between love for fashion, music, and the arts, their individuality, and passions will be shared. Only this time, the audience will be in the flesh, yes that’s right, IRL!

Credit: Depop Instagram

The launch will take place in mid-August in LA and will close up in November in London.

“We are a place where people come to get inspired, connect with likeminded people, and find a community. We’ve given these creatives a platform to showcase and champion their perspectives on circular fashion in a way that aligns with their identities and is meaningful to their followers,” says Depop’s Global Brand Marketing Lead, Jumoke Adekunle.

But wait there’s more… Each creator is set to launch their own exclusive, upcycled, or reworked designs on their Depop shops. Think, ethical, funky, colourful, visionary all wrapped up in a pop-up.

Depop launches new initiative, Depop Collaborators | Credit: Hypebae

Need an excuse to visit the States or take a trip to the capital of England? This is it! Let’s just hope it’s not once in a lifetime and Depop makes it a habitual experience!

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