“From Mansfield with love”…  With the announcement of Violent Soho’s indefinite hiatus along with some of their last few shows, fans are treated to a new single “Kamikaze” paying homage to some of their earliest sounds from the 2013 album “hungry ghost”.

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Violent Soho has perfected the art of songwriting. If you are a fan of hard-hitting drums, soaring raw vocals and electrifying guitar riffs then “Kamikaze” is a grunge rock listener’s dream, with nothing overly complicated. The song opens with a tasteful melodic guitar riff followed by rhythmic clashing high hats that hook you in with drawling vocals that leave you wanting more.

More of What We Know and Love

The name Greg Wales may ring familiar to most after the Australian producer’s success with crafting the band’s last album “Everything is A-OK” or his work as a live music producer at Triple j. The crisp sound of “Everything is A-OK” set itself aside from Violent Soho’s previous work. It also received praise for its brilliant engineering.

With already 177,157 streams on Spotify, Kamikaze has been warmly received by fans with being described as a “strong finish”. Kamikaze is everything long-time listeners of the band come to know and love. Drawing from new and old tracks, Kamikaze delivers a blistering punch that is Violent Soho (listen below).

After almost 20 years of the band coming together; and the wild success of albums such as “Waco” (2016), ‘Hungry ghost” (2013) and “Everything is A-OK” (2020), and ARIA music awards for “Best Group” and “Best Rock Album” – the Mansfield quartet reflect on an experience they describe as, “incredible and life-defining”.

Ready for the Next Stage

In a statement by the band on July 13th, they explain that they are grateful for all the support but are ready for their next stage in life.

“As individuals, we’ve found ourselves in different places over the past few years, and so we’ve decided it’s time to take a break and lay low for a bit,”

say the band.

“This isn’t the end of the band, but we are looking forward to giving ourselves some space, focusing on our families, and giving back to the community which fostered and carried us.”

Credit: ABC

Violent Soho is playing two last sold-out shows in their hometown at Fortitude Music Hall in September of this year. Over the years, the band has become one of Australia’s best live performances. With the release of “Kamikaze,” the track connects fans as they bid farewell for now.

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