Artist Chance the Rapper reflects on the incident of Ye previously known as Kanye West outburst exploited a genuine moment.

Ye is seen, outside Kenzo 2022. Credit Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

After eighteen months Chicago native Chance the Rapper shares his thoughts on a video leaked during the production of Ye’s 10th album DONDA. In a recent interview, Chance the Rapper reminded us that what you see is not always the full story.  

“Obviously it’s a clip so it’s a video of a larger moment, no one’s ever going to get the full story of anything that goes on when you’re seeing a video clip” 

Everything You Need to Know About the Video

When the video surfaced on social media in 2021, fans were quick to warp the video to their own perception. Chance commented that people were to go as far as putting fake captions to the video. The Video depicted Ye in a room surrounded by friends, but as Ye grew more irritated with the situation, the video captured Chance on the receiving end of Kanye’s outburst.  

Chance the Rapper and Ye have had serval collaborations between the rappers, including All We Got, Sit Back, Ultralight Beam and was even a guest performer at Kanye West’s 2019 Sunday Service. As a result of working with Kanye West, Chance has expressed enormous gratitude.

The nature of the situation

Chance The Rapper performs at Sunday Service 2019 | Credit GETTY IMAGES / RICH FURY

Kanye West has been honest about his struggles dealing with bipolar disorder. Chance the Rapper commented on the situation during the interview he said; “this is real life, I have real friends that go through real problems.” Chance the Rapper reveals his true intentions at the time of visiting Ye were to check on a friend; “He’s a human, He’s not perfect and he was obviously going through it at that time.” said Chance

“It made me evaluate our friendship for sure, I’d never been so close to him during an episode.”

Despite the outburst, Chance holds no resentment towards Ye and ends the interview with a touching sentiment, he says “At the end of the day, I definitely love the dude. That’s my guy. It sucks that sometimes people can exploit a moment that is a genuine moment.”

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