“18 & Over” is about to drop. Paris Hilton, Sky Ferreira, and Pamela Anderson star in this OnlyFans-based “erotic” slasher flick – due on 12 August 2022. This is the latest offering in the new category of flickbait cinema – purchasable only by NFT.

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Director Jimmy Giannopoulos (The Birthday Cake) drops his indie horror project,“18 & Over,” this week. This brand new horror special sees Ashley Benson of “Pretty Little Liars” not only feature in – but also produce, and co-create the 18+ film. Joining her onscreen is rap sensation G-Eazy with supermodel Winnie Harlow and American actor Luis Guzmán (Out of Sight, The Limey, Traffic).

With a purchase one of 10,000 limited-edition NFTs, the filmmakers are offering fans an exclusive two-month streaming window of the film and a selection of character art from the film.

The entrance fee? The NFT’s are now on sale for $263 each, bringing in a total of $2.63 million if they all sell out. The “collector’s edit” of the movie will thereafter be accessible to each NFT owner via a personal link beginning on August 12 for a two-month period.

“18 & Over” – Early Access and Premise

So what’s the premise? Basically, a woman is dealing with a breakup at a remote cabin during the height of the COVID outbreak. When the lights go out, she is pursued by a madman with a crowbar while modelling underwear for a horde of filthy fans on the adults-only website.

The film goes live on 12 August, 2022. Perks like early access streaming, virtual hangouts with the cast members and director and a financial rebate are available to “long-term holders” of the NFT’s.


Collect the characters and disrupt the industry! 10,000 “18 & Over” characters are currently for sale as NFTs on Nifty Gateway.

August 10th 2022

Celebrate at the exclusive Premiere and After Party in Los Angeles with the stars and creators of the film. 18 & Over NFT holders only!

August 12th 2022

Character reveal and movie unlock. All 18 & Over NFTs unlock your own “Collector’s Cut” of the film. This is the only way to watch and own the film for at least two months until the “theatrical cut” goes the traditional distribution route.

October 5th 2022

The theatrical cut becomes available for the traditional distribution route

Until then, check out the “18 & Over” trailer below:

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