Over the last twenty years, American designer Jeremy Scott has shocked and awed fashion critics and lovers alike with his bright colours, comical prints and frequent shows of outrageous designs. In this lavish 342-page hard-cover picture book we explore the life and career of fashion’s joker Jeremy Scott.

Credit: Fashion Industry Broadcast Youtube

Jeremy Scott constantly pushes the boundaries in fashion. He makes his most impressive mark on the fashion landscape by breaking down consumer barriers and blurring the lines between high and low culture. Exactly the way that icon Andy Warhol did before him.

In our brand new book release, “JEREMY”, we take a look at Scott’s rough childhood and path to massive success in fashion.

At first, many of his job applications were rejected, so he became his own boss. He has listened to criticisms of his works, but continues to create fashion people can enjoy. Withstanding tireless adversity, the designer has never let anything stand in the way of his passion and creativity.

An audience of drag queens, club scene members and fashion cognoscenti gather at Scott’s fashion shows. These eccentrics form the core of Scott’s plight to break free of the bindings the fashion industry tries to wrap around him. He is a true renegade: someone with unconventional ideas and methods, resisting the norm through all means.

His story is a fascinating and very unique read.

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