Poppy Lissiman’s Latest Collaboration with Walmajarri Artist John Prince Siddon Draws Inspirations from Western Australia’s Native Flora and Fauna.

Credit: Poppy Lissiman

The statement accessories of contemporary label Poppy Lissiman are bold, eye-catching, and sublimely indifferent.

Australian designer Poppy Lissiman’s curated collection of sunglasses and bags was first launched into the fashion scene in 2008. Her standalone boutique was later established in 2011.

Lissiman most recently released her latest collaboration with renowned Walmajarri artist John Prince Siddon. The intricately painted accessories featuring John Prince’s brilliantly bright and vibrant style brings Lissiman’s vastly sought-after collections a fresh and exciting look.

Shedding Light on Indigenous Artists

Credit Australian Gallery South Australia (AGSA)

Poppy Lissmens latest collab details the work that inspires Prince as her website says his “complex mythology entwines contemporary politics and personal experiences to present a technicolour vision of Prince’s Australia.” While seemingly surreal and kaleidoscopic, Prince’s work provides a powerful commentary on the political, social, and cultural issues of the day.

His multilayered works present various agendas relating to race, gender, the environment, politics and identity.

Work that ties together the North, South, East and West

Credit: Poppy Lissiman

In a recent interview, Lissiman describes working with Prince as “too good to be true”. Including a variety of best-selling bags adorned with West Australian-inspired patterns, this collection features the brand’s love of eccentric colours and pragmatic shapes.

John Prince’s artwork varies in diverse influence. Most notably, television, the traditional Kimberley craft of boab nut carving, desert iconography, and Narrangkarni’s (Dreamtime) astonishing characters, are reflected in his art.

In a statement featured alongside the Indigenous Artist’s work at the Australian Gallery South Australia (AGSA), John Prince shares an insight into his work as he says;

Many of our old people painted their lives, their own land, even animals. Well, I’m trying to do the same thing, to piece together every animal – North, South, East, West – trying to mix them up like a jigsaw – they love each other they hate each other.

Poppy Lissiman’s contemporary collaboration with John Prince Siddon features a multitude of complex shapes and colours and incorporation of Australian flora and fauna. This brilliant collection is a must-have.

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