Scandi Style is something a lot of us aspire to have. I know I do. But why is there such a global allure? Well, it’s fresh, bright, light, and classic. Similar to Scandinavian design, this type of fashion focuses on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Follow the mantra of neutral, texture, and good quality statement pieces and you’re on your way to Scandi Style.

Photographed by Tonya Matyu | Credit: Vogue

There is a major vibe shift taking place and I’d like to pay homage to the one and only Matilda Djerf. But if it wasn’t her Pinterest or Instagram or her new brand ‘Djerf Avenue‘ that had you wrapped up in a Scandi love affair, it’ll definitely be Copenhagen Fashion Week. Copenhagen is the street style capital and Danish fashion has long had a serious chokehold on the industry. And what we really love is the abundance of the brand’s commitment to sustainability. With plenty engaging in ethical practices and a circular economy in their vintage stores and flea markets.

Matilda does a bit more muted and monochrome with oversized shirts and tailored trousers. But she does love a pop of colour. Although we did see plenty of white, prints were less prevalent. Saturated colour drenched the runway and a bit of avant-garde made an appearance… somehow it still gave off that minimalism essence. Strange, but if anyone can do it, Copenhagen can.

If you were looking for some Spring or Summer inspo and a nice little motive to overhaul your wardrobe – sustainably, of course, you got it! Let’s delve into the looks that had us absolutely enthralled. They’re like a remedy for fashion flaws!


Starting off nice and easy… kidding we’re commencing with a bang, why not? The desire to frolic through a meadow or stand by a river filled with water lilies in a see-through number with no care in the world. It’s high, it’s very high! Open-weave knits and sheer mesh took to the runway in sensational shape. What we love about it, is the ability to be creative. Don’t feel like wearing a bra, cool, don’t. Feeling like a bright bikini is the way to go, great idea! Dress it up, or down, layer it, whatever you do, it’ll probably work.

Backstage at Stine Goya. Photo: Tonya Matyu / Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week | Credit: Vogue
​Photo: Acielle / Style du Monde​ | Credit: Vogue














Double denim is notorious for coming in and out of fashion. But there is a right way to keep it elevated and trendy. Copenhagen fashion week showed us how it’s done. Paired with thongs, sneakers, boots, and heels, the diversity is endless. Cropped or not, tight or baggy, denim can do good things in your capsule wardrobe.

Photo: James Cochrane / Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week | Credit: Vogue
Credit: Vogue














It’s not hard to see that lace has made an elegant comeback. From the boho craze of the 70s to the prim and proper lace of the Victorian era, lace has travelled far and wide. Actually all the way back to 16th century Italy! But it’s looking different this time round and I am pleased to say, I will be getting around it! Although, just as lace was once conveyed as a symbol of wealth, it still remains a bit of a status symbol. Especially if its big brand Fendi producing the garments. So, maybe no lace for me.

On the street. Photo: Acielle / Style du Monde | Credit: Vogue
Photo: Andrea Adriani / | Credit: Vogue













The colour alone is a statement. I don’t have much to say about this, pink speaks volumes itself. It’s fun, it’s flirty its summer dresses and peachy cocktails. But it’s the soft take that Copenhagen FW took on the colour that makes us want to turn into pink! Gracious, divine, and all things idyllic.

Baum und Pferdgarten Photo: Andrea Adriani / | Credit: Vogue
Rotate Photo: James Cochrane / Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week | Credit: Vogue













A match made in heaven, yes I agree. But we’re actually talking about slip dresses (alone) and shirts (alone). Slips are inherently sexy. They’re also super comfy, especially if they are quality made. Slips are the kinda attire you wear on a night out, but also at a picnic, and even some to a wedding. Shirts are just essential! They make you feel luxurious but also relaxed. They spring a bit of confidence, especially when you seem to be lacking it. Shirts will always be classy. They’re the kinda thing that can be worn by anyone, during any season, anywhere.

Photo: Andrea Adriani / | Credit: Vogue
Photo: James Cochrane / Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week | Credit: Vogue













I’ve never seen so much colour on my Instagram and I am so here for it! Whether it was Copenhagen fashion that convinced us, or we just realised how fantastic colour is. I don’t really mind, but it better be here to stay. Cobalt blue and chartreuse green especially have me hooked. Just like the runway, I hope to be strutting my colour when it comes to summer.

Henrik Vibskov Photo: Andrea Adriani / | Credit: Vogue
A. Roege Hove Photo: James Cochrane / Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week | Credit: Vogue

















For more on Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 be sure to check out the video below. 

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