This week we are looking at the newest Disney crossovers with famous luxury brands Givenchy, Stella McCartney, OVO and Coach.

Credit: WWD

Disney films and characters still receive widespread popularity around the world. The collaborations with fashion brands bring back people’s childhood memories and create a combination of classic and modern.

Disney x Givenchy

Givenchy first released limited editions of T-shirts and hoodies featuring the silhouettes from Disney classic “Bambi”, Elsa and Olaf from “Frozen”, Perdita and Pongo from “101 Dalmatians”, and “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit”.

Givenchy’s Creative Director, Matthew Williams says,

“Disney has always held a special place in my heart, as it has for so many across generations, countries and cultures. As a boy from California and a father in Paris, Disney has always been a source of meaningful moments throughout my life.”

Accompanying the signature Givenchy’s 4G shape in the middle presents a simple but iconic style, priced from USD$520 to790.

The second collection spotlights the characters from “101 Dalmatians”. The range is wider this time, from clothes, and bags to accessories, with more variety in colours and designs.

Disney x Stella McCartney

The collection from Stella McCartney is inspired by Disney’s classic 1940 animated film, “Fantasia”. McCartney says,

“I  still remember to this day being so blown away the first time I ever watched it, It was like nothing I’d ever seen before! It’s is a true cultural masterpiece and the reason I was so keen to do this collection inspired by the film.”

The idea of ‘escaping reality through conscious wardrobe staples’ and the illusion of a fantasy world can be fulfilled through the vibrant and bold design that blends fashion and fantasy. 78 per cent of eco-friendly materials including regenerated, repurposed and recycled fibres and organic cotton compose the unisex capsule collection, even the accessories are vegan. The design of vintage posters and classic Disney graphics accompanied by a new Stella logo and special cuts reproduce the classic yet correspond to the latest fashion.

Disney x OVO

October’s Very Own (OVO) is a lifestyle brand, and is the brainchild of rapper Drake. And this year, they team up with Disney for the Spring/Summer 2022 season. The iconic Disney characters, Mickey Mouse and his friends, Donald Duck and Goofy appear on various items. These include hoodies, T-shirts and accessories like keyrings and sports caps. There is also a hockey jersey that represents Drake’s hometown – Canada. It includes the graphic of Mickey Mouse and his friends playing hockey. The bold colour design forms a nostalgic and playful street style.

Disney x Coach

Aside from the popular “Princess” collection last year, Coach also gives us a 2022 collection to celebrate Disney’s 50th anniversary. The legendary C logo of Coach and the iconic Mickey Mouse graphics make a perfect match. Styles include the classic headband, a Mickey hoodie, and a leather bag with a distinctive and classic vibe. There are all kinds of bags to choose from, in fact. Crossbody bags, duffel bags, backpacks. Mickey Mouse and his friends and also the signature Disney castle motifs appear with the Coach emblem – adding extra fun and magical style.

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