YouTube has become a normal part of most people’s daily routine. Trending clips can help you to follow emerging trends and topics, keeping you well and truly in the loop. This week, we take a look once again at the #1 Youtube trending clip of the week.

This week’s top trending video on YouTube is from MrBeast. “I Survived A Plane Crash” focuses on a group of five people who survive a plane crash. They try to survive by themselves until a rescue team arrives 31 hours later.

What is this YouTube clip About?

They recorded the whole process during the 31 hours. The five people can only live on insufficient supplements and water. And the location is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees.

The video is filmed like a reality show. The process of struggling to live on their own, including building a shelter, exploring the area and using a flare gun to produce an SOS signal. That kind of difficult environment is hard for people to imagine. Not to mention to survive on their own.

Credit: YouTube

Watching the video can help the audience to learn the surviving skills and cherish the moment. Although the practical skills are not shown a lot in the video, the topic is very new and special. We often see a plane crash accident on news but seldom get the information after it.

Seeing the chemistry between the people is fun as well. They all try to use personal strength to help each other survive this bad situation. Even though there is a person who finished all the water, they still had fun together.

The effort put behind the video is unimaginable as well. Buying a decommissioned plane and crashing it is not a simple thing to do in daily life. Finding the location and preparing the equipment need a lot of research beforehand as well.

MrBeast is an American Youtuber. He is known for creating bold and challenging content. His videos also feature expensive stunts. He is now becoming the fifth-most-subscribed on the platform. After watching this video, we can see why it is the most popular one on Youtube of the week.

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