The power of Kpop is quickly overwhelming the world. Not just music, everything related to Kpop seems to go viral. This week we are looking at some of the latest fashion brands crossover with the popular Kpop stars.

Credit: Vogue Hong Kong

From Louis Vuitton and Chanel to Celine and Prada, the luxury brands have chosen their favourite Kpop stars to represent and broadcast their stories and aesthetics.

BTS x Louis Vuitton

Credit: Louis Vuitton

BTS, one of the most popular boy bands in the world, is the newest house ambassador of Louis Vuitton. All members wore Louis Vuitton outfits to attend the 2021 Grammy Awards. They also were the model of the Louis Vuitton spin-off fashion film for the Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection.

G-Dragon x Chanel

Credit: Chanel

As a forever fashion icon in the world, G-dragon has collaborated with Chanel for over a decade. G-dragon is a common guest of Chanel’s fashion show. He is the only male ambassador at Chanel’s Cruise collection show at the Monte Carlo beach this year. ‘Chanel to me is like a friends-and-family situation, not like a business. It’s human-to-human.’, G-dragon says.

BLACKPINK’S Jisoo x Dior

Credit: Dior

The popular girl group BlackPink’s member Jisoo has been the muse of Dior for a while. Her elegant and playful style is an ideal match with Dior Beauty. Every time she appears at fashion shows it always catches people’s attention immediately. Not just winning the love of Dior’s CEO, but even the daughter of Dior’s director shed tears for her.

BLACKPINK’S Jennie x Calvin Klein

Credit: Calvin Klein

Aside from Jisoo, other BlackPink members are the hottest tickets in the fashion industry list as well. Jennie is known for her outstanding fashion tastes and charming appearance. She has posted a series of posts collaborated with Calvin Klein on Instagram. And it went viral right away with the perfect match of Jennie’s sexy and sophisticated look.

BLACKPINK’S Lisa x Celine & Bvlgari

Credit: Celine
Credit: Bvlgari

Another BlackPink member Lisa is the ambassador of Celine and Bvlgari. Celine announced their first official ambassador as Lisa last year. This year, Lisa also joins the Bvlgari campaign and shows up at the Bvlgari’s Garden of Wonder High Jewelry Collection event. Lisa’s unique and modern princess look steals the spotlight successfully on both audience and social media.

BLACKPINK’S Rosé x Yves Saint Laurent & Tiffany & Co.

Credit: Yves Saint Laurent
Credit: Tiffany & Co.

The last member from BlackPink is the powerful vocalist Rosé. Rosé first appeared at the 2021 Met Gala with the Yves Saint Laurent outfit. And she also attended the Spring/Summer 2022 show at Saint Laurent. Tiffany & Co. also chose her as the brand’s global ambassador. Every item matched with Rosé looks extra stunning and was taken to the next level.

EXO’s Kai x Gucci

Credit: Gucci

EXO’s Kai is not only famous for his outstanding dancing skills, but also for his special taste in fashion. Gucci has assigned him as the global brand ambassador and also built a special collection that is under his name, the ‘Kai x Gucci’ collection. The capsule features the classic teddy bear, which not only represents our childhood memories but also is the animal emoji that represents Kai.

NCT’s Jaehyun x Prada

Credit: Prada

NCT is one of the boy groups from the famous Korean entertainment company- SM Entertainment. Jaehyun, as one of the representative visuals of NCT, is chosen to become the brand ambassador of Prada. Last year, Jaehyun was the very first celebrity invited to stream a Prada live show on social media. And he also attended the SS23 Prada Uomo Fashion Show in Milan as his first official event. Jaehyun’s luxurious image and an outstanding sense of fashion not only receive the recognition of Prada but also the support from his fans.