Northern Roots, Global influence; Aitch’s Debut Album “Close to Home” is an honest reflection of the Manchester Rapper. 

Aitch – ‘Close To Home’ artwork

Eighteen and bursting with energy, Aitch made his mark on the UK music scene with “Straight Rymes”. From that point on there was no slowing down.

Two sides of the Same Coin

Aitch has had a whirlwind few years, the chart-busting rapper, born Harrison Armstrong burst onto the scene in 2019 with three songs in the Top 10.  For the Manchester rapper, there was no holding back. Aitch’s debut album marks the first major release since 2020’s eight-track “Polaris”.

Handwritten Poem following Aitch’s Hiatus Credit: @aitch, Instagram

The 16-track Album is an honest approach reflective of the rapper’s experiences. It reveals a more raw side that is unapologetically true to himself. The album opens with Belgrave Road, taking its name from the northeast Manchester area where he grew up. The song is a vibrant sentimental take that pays homage to his own personal struggles of staying true to his roots and his rapid rise to fame. It follows the rapper’s short announced hiatus from social media in April (2020) as the song says;

It’s hard followin’ your brain when you’re soul don’t care/ It still feels like no one’s there/ Sittin’ on my throne with an open stare.

A reflection of the reality of what being at the top feels like, Belgrave Road is a grounding and enticing opening to the rapper’s debut album.

A Versatile Album

Balancing his wholesome, local-lad charisma; the 16-track album features drill tracks such as “Louis Vuitton” and the lean “Bring It Back”. At the height of the album, the rolling snares of ‘Fuego’ will hook you in, perfectly designed for the explosive energy of a mosh.

Credit: Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Aitch flexes his versatility in this album, showcasing not only a more refined mainstream presence but also featuring bass, grime, and rap; all popular sounds in British culture. This “Close to Home” Debut captures the realness of depth and raw multifaceted ability Aitch has to offer.

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