Dakota Beavers is an Arizonian-born actor and musician, whose breakout performance in “Prey” is gearing him towards super-stardom. Beavers has gone from working at TJ Maxx to Fighting Predators in the newest addition to the wildly successful Predator franchise.

Credit: Variety

The 22-year-old actor plays the role of Taab. His killer performance and unique look slate him as one of the rising stars to watch in 2022. When Beavers is not busy on set or playing a show, you can catch him online, sharing posts about his life on Instagram – to over 18,000 followers.

A Musical Background

Dakota Bevers is a sensation in “Prey”. So how did this charismatic actor end up on our screens, in one of the most highly anticipated films of 2022? First and foremost – music has had an immense effect on today’s Dakota Beavers. The actor, who grew up in Arizona, has been living in Nashville to focus on his musical career. He, along with his father and brother are in a band, Sheridan Hill, which produces great country music. The actor is a big fan of Band perry and Dierks Bentley.  And he likes to listen to Norah Jones and MAGIC outside of his country music preference.

Beavers family band | Credit: Williams-Grand Canyon News

During a recent interview with Blacktree tv, the actor admits that music gives him the confidence to face the camera. Dakota Beavers on landing this role admits pure that it was purely magical. The actor had never acted before, in any kind of movie or series. Out of almost nowhere, he received a vital role in a multi-million dollar project. His musical background was particularly helpful during the “Prey” audition.

Beaver’s Ethnic Background

Dakota Beavers is a native American. The mixed culture of Arizonian native, white and Chicano people has moulded his demeanour, helping him to act very naturally and neutrally in “Prey”. Talking about his Native American role in the film, Beavers says,

It was an honour for me, especially considering that we have Jhane who is a Comanche herself as our producer. She was there to make sure everything was portrayed accurately and it was an honour for me just that they had such a priority, especially this being my first film. Very, very honoured to be a part of it.

We wish him major success and hope he handles the spotlight well!

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