There’s a retro Revival at hand as Italian Brand Diesel returns to the runway.

Credit: CR Fashion Book

Amongst the analytics of TikTok, Depop sales and Gen Z’s Y2k obsession; Italian brand Diesel has revamped its style with creative director Glenn Martens. The Italian brands’ latest success can attribute to the introduction of on-trend denim pieces, futuristic designs, and versatile fabrics.

The revitalized image of the brand has sparked popularity amongst influences and fashion icons alike. In 1978, designer Renzo Rosso brought to life what he imagined to be the world’s most innovative denim. Often described as a “collection of lifelong denim”, Diesel’s commitment to their new incentive;  Responsible Living: DIESEL LIBRARY. 

With 50% of the overall denim collection intended to last a lifetime, the new strategy seeks to refresh the classic garments in our wardrobe with a more versatile and environmentally friendly fabric. The genderless approach offers a vairity of garments that are evergreen and durable.

A Versatile Take on Modern Clothing

Building momentum to alleviate the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the fashion industry, “Diesel for Responsible Living” is said to;

“take action for the benefit of current and future generations, ensuring Diesel’s continuing success in a changing world”

A sought-after item from Diesel’s Spring Summer 2022 collection has become the next ‘must-have’ with recent popularity amongst fashion elites. The 1DR Xs bag features a half-crescent moon shape that offers a diverse range of colours and styles accompanied with matching ‘oval D’ hardware.

Credit Hypebeast

In a recent interview, Martens commented on the popularity of the bag and the recent revival of the brand saying; 

 “When you see the 1DR bag, you really understand Diesel – simple, sexy, confident, irreverent, easy and fun, but also sexless and versatile…and that’s not too bad, which is why I think people are obsessed with the brand again.”

A Seamless Blend of Both

The revival of Diesel reminds us of the constant cycle of innovation and emulation. Trends resurfacing can be seen as generational changes that designers can often take from styles both bass and present.

A seamless blend of both, Diesel’s most recent comeback signifies a versatile take on modern clothing.

Collaboration with director and artist Frank Lebon introduces their latest Spring and Summer collection as a surreal experience that “blurs the lines between reality and a dream”. The short film is accompanied by British musician Leon Vynehall.

Despite the vast changes within the fashion industry throughout the years, Diesel has stayed true to its philosophy;


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